Self-Care and Confidence for the New Year

Whether you want to progress within your career, travel the world, or it’s simply time to indulge yourself in some all-important ‘me time’, it’s imperative to always have goals to work towards. If your 2019 resolution is to take better care of yourself and up your health and beauty game, then this list of quick and easy changes will help give you the perfect head start to maintain your resolve the whole year through.

Your Smile:

Never underestimate the impact a perfect smile can have on your self confidence. Long term, smiling can benefit your health, social life, and romantic status. With that much at stake, it comes as no surprise that those of us embarrassed by our smiles can suffer from feelings of anxiety and insecurity about the way we look and more specifically, our smile. Having teeth that you are proud of can change your life in positive ways, and veneers, or even porcelain veneers, are a popular solution to beautify teeth.

Restoring the health and appearance of your smile leaving you feeling and looking dazzlingly beautiful. Remember you are never fully dressed without a smile!

Time for a new do:

Christmas and New Year partying tends to take a toll on our hair. The constant need to look good and to be party ready throughout the festive period finds us perhaps reaching for our hair straighteners a bit too often during the festive season. The New Year is a great time to refresh your look and get healthier, more luscious locks. Whether you go for a complete new look, add a bit of colour or just give your hair some TLC, make sure you start 2019 with a bang and look the picture of health with glossy, rejuvenated hair.

New Year, New Wardrobe:

2019 is a new year and a chance for a fresh start when it comes to your personal style, so why not try and experiment with your wardrobe this January?
No matter what fads come and go, your personal style will always trump fashion trends. But that doesn’t mean to say that you should stay away from trying new looks all together; instead try embracing the styles that feel appropriate to you and the statement you want to make in 2019.

Keep Fit:

Frequent exercise should play an important role in improving your health and general wellbeing.You can begin right now, and 2019 could be the start a whole new healthy chapter in your life. You can be fit and healthy and transform your body into the physique you’ve always wanted. Invest in yourself this year and make plans now to start of the year with a commitment to get fit and eat healthily throughout the year. Releasing those all-important endorphins through exercise create feelings of happiness and euphoria and is a great way to build self-confidence.

Wake Up Well

You may think your morning coffee is the only thing that helps you through the day, but it could be what’s slowing you down!The stress hormone cortisol is highest in the morning and helps us to feel more awake. However, caffeine interferes with the production of cortisol, leading the body to produce less, therefore making mornings harder to get through. Instead, why not replace your morning coffee with a beauty boosting lemon tea? Lemon is packed full of Vitamin C and benefits the digestive system by making the process of eliminating waste products and unwanted toxins easier, leaving you feeling fresher and more alive.

Here’s to a happier, healthier and more confident 2019!

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