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With the countdown to Christmas on, (there, I said it), I don’t know many people that aren’t interested in making a little extra cash. The coming months are likely to be times that you need more money than usual, with colder temperatures and events like Halloween, Christmas, and the New Year. But if you don’t fancy getting a second job or working longer hours, then what can you do?

When I first became a stay-at-home parent, I was always looking for ways to supplement our income. Going from two to one was pretty tough! But one way that I managed to declutter the house, as well as generate extra cash, was through eBay. Selling the things we no longer needed online was straightforward and did give us a little income, for all of those nappies and wipes! I found it much easier to sell on eBay than selling groups online, because it was just so much easier to keep track of. You can also get a good idea of what items might go for, to see if it is going to be worth your while. Not to mention the millions of users that eBay has; you’re likely to have much more interested on a site like eBay. I have found it such a good place to sell.



But as of late, I kind of got out of the habit of getting things listed on eBay, even though our house is accumulating plenty of things that we no longer need. So recently, I downloaded the eBay app, to make it much more likely that I would get things listed. I always have my phone with me and it is much easier and quicker to take photographs on my phone, rather than having to use a separate camera and then uploading to my computer, to than put it online. Gah! The app has really helped; very quick and simple to use.

I chose to list a dress and a jumper recently, as I no longer have need of them. I used the app and it just talks you through every step of the way. You name your item; it gives you a category to place it under. You say what it is and it will give you a suggested postage cost. So handy if like me, you’ve not listed on there for a while, or even not at all. When you have an indicator of what the postage should be, it really helps you to decide. Uploading photos were easy and setting the description. Then it was quite fun to keep checking the app to see how many views or watchers the items had, as well as if there had been any bids. Another great thing about the app – you get notifications if there are updates.

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 21.07.28

When items are sold the whole process was simple and easy too. It tells you every step of what to do and when. You can mark it as dispatched and then it reminds you to leave feedback for the buyer. It is such a smooth process, and again, can all be done from the app (and on the website, of course). It’s fun getting feedback back, too.

So if you’re looking to try generating some extra money for new items or experiences, then it is worth giving eBay a try. Here are some of my tips and tricks for maximising the sale:


  • List the post at the time of day that you want the auction to end. If you list it in the middle of the day but want it to end on a Sunday evening, then you need to be listing in the evening. If you adjust the time, then it adds extra listing costs, which you don’t want to do if you want to maximise the money you make.
  • Write as much detail and description about the item as possible. If you write everything there is to know, then it means the buyer can’t come back and say that the description wasn’t accurate. Even if there is one tiny bobble on a cardigan or some slight discolouration on a rug, mention it and take a picture of it if you can.
  • State your returns policy and what it involves. Will the buyer have to pay the cost if they just decide they don’t want it? Will you not accept returns at all, unless you haven’t described the items accurately?
  • Paying for recorded delivery can be really beneficial. It means you can track the delivery and then a scam-buyer can’t come back and say that they have never received the items.
  • Alongside that, you could always consider using a courier for the postage. You don’t pay any extra, just charge the buyer the right price.
  • Choose words wisely in the title of the item. That is what can come up when people search for specific things, like black dress size 14. If you just write black dress, it isn’t likely to come up as close to the top of the search.
  • A fair price is going to mean that your item is much more likely to sell. So look on the site already for similar items. In fact, when using the app, it will give you a suggested price deepening on the title you’ve give and the quality of the item stated (new or used etc).
  • Reply to messages. If people have queries or questions then they are your customers. show them good customer service, who knows, it could mean repeat custom!

Have you ever used eBay before for selling you preloved or unwanted things? Any tips of tricks that you would add?

Rebecca x

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