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I wrote my initial thoughts on doing the two week plan with Shake That Weight, and on the whole, I was very pleasantly surprised by the choice of products, and the meal plans that you can choose from. The price is competitive and I was looking forward to giving it a go. But how did the two weeks go? Did I lose any weight?

shakesWeight Loss

After two weeks doing the Shake That Weight diet plan, where I had three products a day, I lost 6lbs. To say I was having a normal (low calories meal for my dinner each night), I am really pleased with nearly half a stone off in two weeks. I know a complete plan, using four products a day would likely be more, but in two weeks it is pretty good going. So it does do exactly what it is designed to.

How Did It Go?

  • I expected that I would be hungry. This was true for the first two or three days. I felt fine after that though as I was used to what I was doing. I think having breakfast, lunch, a snack, and then a normal meal is plenty of food and I didn’t feel deprived. It just took getting used to, as any diet does, as it is less food than normal. But at the end of the day, that has to be  a good thing!
  • I’ve noticed how much I would snack. I really have noticed how much I would just aimlessly snack. Just wander into the kitchen and open the fridge. I am so conscious of it now because I ‘can’t’ eat those things and how it was such a habit to just randomly eat. I don’t feel hungry for the snacks so when this is all over, I know that it is a behaviour I should be able to maintain. So it is good for changing how you feel about things.


  • I expected the food to taste rubbish. As someone that has dabbled in different diet forms before, I assumed the food would be quite bland and tasteless. I was wrong! I liked pretty much everything that I had, particularly the shakes. The lunches were good too, particularly the noodles. I disliked the porridge the most, if I’m honest, as it was just quite thick. The taste was fine, it was just the texture, that for me, let it down. The food is really varied though so that is a good thing; there is a big variety to choose from.
  • It is really easy. The food is all really quick and easy to consume. The bars are tasty and you can just grab them on the go. For the shakes, I just added water or almond milk and put it in a shaker. The lunches, like noodles or soup, just needed hot water added. So when you’re the only on in the house doing it, it was nice to not have to spend ages making a separate meal for me. I could have what we all had for our evening meal, and then just have my own quick lunch, snack, or breakfast.

The website made it very easy to order what I needed and delivery was very quick and efficient. Full information was provided about how to safely use the meal replacements. So I’m a satisfied customer so far, and would certainly look to do the weight loss programme again.

Have you ever heard of or used Shake That Weight before? I’d be interested to hear what you think.

Rebecca x*the two week plan was gifted in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.



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