Shopping with Quidco and Getting Cashback

I posted a few days ago about shopping online vs shopping at my local high street. It was interesting to read people’s responses to the post. I had quite a few comments on it and it seemed that the majority do prefer to shop at their high street or a shopping centre. Shopping online has the convenient point of view but generally, high street shopping just adds to a greater overall experience.


You see a lot of cash back sites online for when you, obviously, shop online. You might think that if you choose to shop at the hight street that you miss out. Tis not so! Quince offer a fab in store cutback service that I have just discovered. You need to go online before you go and search for the stores you are likely to visit or look for a specific store. So it is great if you have a specific product in mind. You can see what cutback offer they have and get shopping. It took me only a few minutes to set up my account. you register the bank card that you will be using and then it all connects up!

I wanted to get some new trainers a few days ago, so I had a think about the shops that sell trainers in my local high street (Epsom). I looked up online and saw where had an in store cash back offer. I found that JD Sports was offering 3% cash back. It might not sound like a lot, but to be fair, getting that money back would cover the cost of my parking in the hight street. So it’s all good!

So off Chloe and I popped and into town we went. She was super well behaved so it was actually an enjoyable and relaxing shopping experience! There is nothing better than being able to try on shoes and seeing how they fit.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 16.25.32


So my trainers cost £57 (with a 5p carrier bag charge as I forgot a bag – doh) so I got £1.71 cash back. Like I have said, it more than covered the cost of my parking and let’s face it, a little money back is better than nothing. Plus it’s all relative to how much you spend. If I had spent £100 I would have got £3 back and so on.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 15.50.51

It is easy and quick to sign up for a Quidco account, so pop over and have a look. For purchases you are making anyway, it can’t hurt to get a little cash back can it? You can also look for online shopping offers, so it works for whatever your shopping preference is. The cash back rates completely vary from retailer to retailer too, so you can shop around and find the best deal for what you want.

Have you ever used Quidco or a cash back site before? I’d be interested to hear about it! I will be using Quidco again for sure.



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