The Best Nature Reserves and Parks in Sicily to Explore This Summer

Sicily is well known for its beautiful seaside towns and white sand beaches. The island in the Mediterranean is also home to some amazing parks and nature reserves. Sicily, unbeknownst to most, has an incredibly diverse landscape from volcanoes to incredible beaches.

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Now, here are the best of nature reserves and parks :

Parco dei Nebrodi

One incredible park is the Etna Park that sits in the shadow of the highest active volcano in Europe. Here you can walk amongst the lava flows and take in the breathtaking views of the volcanic mountain. This is a perfect place to visit if you are looking for a more outdoors experience.

On the serene side there is the Nature Reserve of Zingaro. Located in Trapani, this amazing reserve has seven kilometers of pristine coastline and is home to a wide variety of unique flora and fauna. This is an amazing place to spend a day exploring the gorgeous nature Sicily has to offer and relaxing on the coast.

Another great example of the diverse geography on the island is the Nature Reserve of Cavagrande del Cassibile. This is located near the southeastern city of Syracuse. Here you will find incredible erosion phenomena and amazing canyons on the large reserve. One great place to take the family is the Nebrodi Park. It is the largest protected area in Sicily and has an abundance of beautiful lakes.

Lastly, if you are an avid bird watcher be sure to head off to The Nature Reserve of Vendicari also near Syracuse. This is an area that is the end of the journey for many migratory birds and also has incredible beaches for the more relaxed adventurer.

As you can see Sicily has more to offer than many of the tourist brochures tend to lead on. Take the path less traveled and discover some of its hidden gems when planning your trip. It is a natural wonder with many untouched natural reserves. From mountains, to rolling plains, to volcanic mountains, Sicily is truly a wonderful destination for any traveler.


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