Simple Steps to Being Healthier

For me, it can be hard to be as active as I once was. I have a sedentary job and find that I need drive to a lot of places. So when you have to make ‘extra’ time to exercise, it is harder. If my job was as it once was, I would be teaching at least one spin class a day when I was at work, as well as just being generally a lot more active. So I have to make some conscious decisions about physical activity and being healthier.

Being a parent makes you more active in your spare time but it tires you out too. Sometimes you just want to sit down on the sofa when they’re in bed, not hit the gym! So here are some simple steps to be more active, that I find work for me.


Choose an Activity You Love

For some it might be trial and error, but I find I only stick to something because I enjoy it. In theory I want to be good at running and would love to run a marathon. I worked to get my 5k Pb to 30 minutes. In reality though, I find running boring. I just can’t stick at it to work on improving my PB because I just get bored. I put going for a run off. I do like spin and cycling, yoga and weight training. I do those regularly because I enjoy doing them and enjoy that ‘me’ time.

Drink More Water

I feel more full when and am less likely to snack when I drink a lot of water. My feel more energised too – I guess it is because my body is working optimally and doing what it should be 😉 It helps my skin too, so there are no reasons why I shouldn’t keep it up. I have also made a resolution to not drink fizzy drinks any more and feeling good so far. Four months down…


I find that if I plan my time better, I am able to fit in time for being healthy. Quite often my excuse for driving to take my son to nursery is because it is a 30 minute walk. When I have planned my week better, I am not rushing around and can make that 30 minute journey, each way, fit in with my day. When I am running around like a mad woman, I just justify driving to save time.

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What would your advice and tips be?

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