Simple Tips to Keep Your Home Neat & Tidy

We all like having a clean a home that looks stunning, but some of us are not that enthused by having to put the work in. Sound familiar? Well, the good news is that you are not alone because cleaning a house is a pain. Unfortunately, it is a necessary pain unless you want your home to start looking like a pigsty. This is particularly true if you have kids or a pet. If you have both then good luck because you will need to be hoovering and polishing every week. But I have got some tips that will make things easier – try and get your kids to help too!

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  1. Clean Up The Clutter

If you have too much furniture and items out in your home, it is always going to look untidy. For that reason, I recommend using a minimal decoration technique. What this means is that you keep your home looking stylish using the smallest amount of furniture and accessories possible. This is easy to do, even if you already have a lot of furniture. If you don’t have much furniture, you could also consider Home Furniture Rental. Try putting some of it out of sight in the loft or attic, saving on space making it easier to keep clean. You also should think about tidying any mess up around the house because this is giving you the impression your home is dirtier than it actually is.

2. Hoover, Polish, Scrub And Shine

Every one or two weeks, you need to clean your home up from top to bottom, giving it a thorough seeing to. An extra tip is to use scented cleaning products, rather than your house smelling or bleach or sanitization scents. When vacuuming you should not avoid doing half the job. Make sure that you move the furniture and clean under it. Otherwise dust and muck will build up, and when you re-organise the room, it will look a mess again. Also, avoid the temptation to do a quick clean. If you do not clean a carpet properly the first time, it makes the process harder the second. You can think about hiring a professional carpet cleaner every so often if you like. This is typically a choice people make when they start to think about putting their house on the market.

3. Don’t Forget About The Furniture And Accessories

Many people give the carpets and mantelpieces a good vacuum and polish, but they forget about the furniture and accessories. Not all the time, but every so often, take down the curtains and give them a wash. There is no harm in washing these in the washing machine on the right section. Blinds are a little trickier but get dirty all the same. You may want to look into a blind cleaning service to get the best effect. You should also be washing your sofa cushion coverings every few months to keep them looking stylish and new.

  1. Make Sure You Follow The Top To Bottom Rule

Finally, this is a simple rule of cleaning that people often forget. You should always polish first and then vacuum. Otherwise, you are wiping dirty and dust on a freshly vacuumed floor, making the whole process pointless.

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