Six Tips for Planning a Budget-Friendly Kid’s Birthday Party

Birthday parties are one of the main events that kids look forward to every year. However, throwing the perfect party can be a stressful task for parents who need to stick to a tight budget. Thankfully, you can throw a party that they’ll always remember without having to break the bank. We’ve listed some top savvy tips to help you save money without having to compromise on the fun.

#1. Time it Right:

Getting the timing right can be a savvy trick to help you save money when it comes to providing food for party guests. An afternoon party between lunch and dinner means that you won’t need to provide a proper meal – snacks and drinks will suffice. Save money by getting your cake from Costco – all cake prices are available here.

#2. Order Online:

Party décor, accessories, and party favors come at a cost that can quickly add up, so save money by purchasing them online. Wholesale sites, or selling sites such as eBay or Amazon may offer discounted or bulk deals that you can take advantage of to help you save money. In addition, it’s easier to see what you’re buying and how much you are spending when you shop online.

#3. Plan Classic Party Games:

It can be tempting to hire entertainers or pay for other services to keep your little one and their party guests occupied, however, don’t underestimate the charm of classic party games. Depending on your child’s age and that of their guests, simple yet tried and tested party games such as freeze-dance, pass the parcel, musical chairs, and more could be fun.

#4. Use Digital Invitations:

Instead of splashing out on print invitations to send to your child’s party guests, why not send them digital ones instead? For parents of older children and teens, chances are that most kids that age will have a mobile phone, so you could simply ask your child to text them the invitation instead. For a parent of younger kids, electronic invitations via email or social media is a free and efficient way of getting the word out.

#5. Keep it Simple:

Sometimes, the simplest and easiest of ideas can be the best for throwing the perfect child’s birthday party. For example, balloons are easy to obtain, super cheap and lots of fun as a party accessory. You can incorporate balloons into party games, hang them from the ceiling and walls as party decorations, fill them with confetti, or write messages on them to add a pop of color and a party atmosphere.

#6. Have a Simple Theme:

When it comes to choosing a theme for your child’s party, don’t worry too much about having to spend lots of money on branded gear. You can save money by choosing a theme that’s easy to create a color scheme for, for example, blue and white for Frozen or red and gold for Iron Man, along with one or two branded items.

Did these tips help you with planning a cost-savvy birthday party? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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