Skilled Work Visas in Australia: How Foreigners Can Apply

 With excellent quality of life, career opportunities, world-class healthcare, educational attributes, and safety, it is easy to understand why many people desire life and employment in Australia. Rightfully so, the citizens want to protect their nation and jobs. The government reflects that with limitations in visa and work authorization regulations. 

Why don’t you and I clear up your questions regarding life in the land of AUS? Applying for work from inside or outside the country will affect any application for a skilled visa in Australia. I am glad you have begun your research.

Here is a list of visa options for qualified individuals. It is impossible to detail the provisions of each vias in this short read. Please use these names to further your research;

• Employer Nomination Scheme visa subclass 186

• Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa subclass 187

• Skilled Independent visa subclass 189

• Skilled Nominated visa subclass 190

• Training visa subclass 407

• Temporary Skill Shortage visa subclass 482

• Temporary Graduate visa subclass 485, graduate work

• Skilled Regional provisional visa subclass 489

• Skilled Work Regional provisional visa subclass 491

• Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional provisional visa subclass 494

I am essentially a digital nomad, writing from a beach city. The Australian digital nomad visa is the Electronic Travel Authority or ETA. It will allow you a 90-day stay in the country while you work. Be sure to apply online and get approval before entering.

While outside of Australia you can also apply for a student visa. You will need proof of funds, enrolment in an accredited course, or fall in an exemption category. Check out this link for more information from the Department of Home Affairs in Australia. 

Other visas applied for while outside of Australia are; 

• The Visitor visa tourist stream allows visitation in the country for up to 12 months but no employment. They will want proof of funds.

• Partner visa will allow you to remain in Australia while your marriage visa is being processed. 

Your visa choices to apply for from within the country are;

• The Visitor visa tourist stream allows visitation in the country for up to 12 months but no employment. They will want proof of funds. Application allowed from in or outside.

• If you are a foreign student enrolled in courses in Australia and are extending your education, you will need a Continuing Education visa and supporting documents from the accredited university.      

• Parent visas can be applied for while inside. Proof of relation by blood examination is a requisite. To be considered a sponsor or caretaker; documentation of residence and support will be needed.

• Retirement or Aged Contributory Parent visa can be applied for within the country for qualifying adults over 67 years old. 

The General Skilled Migration Program has many facets and is worth deeper research by you here. If you are 18-45 years old, with good English ability, recent skilled employment, and training to Australian standards, your skills could land you a position that will provide a new life for you in AUS.

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