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I had such a fun experience a couple of weeks ago (I can say fun now but it wouldn;t have been how I described it at the time, but cool none the less). I had a training session with Skinny Rebel UK in the swanky Conrad St James Hotel in London, through Train Dirty London. I love the brand idea of strong not skinny and that the workout is for women rebelling against skinny – hence the name.

You might have seen a few of these pictures floating around on social media of people exercising with Bane / Hannibal masks on – altitude training my friends! The sessions was an hour long and it included you wearing the altitude training masks for as much of the workout as I could. It feels a bit strange at first, kind of when you go snorkelling (if that makes sense) and takes a few minutes to get your breathing right and feel happy with it. The point of the mask is to reduce the amount of oxygen you can breath is, as if you were training at altitude. This then affects your muscles as less oxygen gets to them to recover and affects your body in that your heart rate increases quicker, making you overall work harder, burn more fat and get fit.

You don’t need lots of room for the workout but it really puts you through your paces. A mixture of body weight exercises like squats, as well as kettlebell workouts, boxing and plyometric work (who knew crawling back and forth across the room on feet and hands would hurt so much)?! It is a bloomin’ good workout though and really made me aware of how much I don’t push myself when I exercise, and with the mask, made me really aware of how much I need to work on my breathing too – so essential, particularly for running which is how I exercise the most.

My training session was with Dean and he was brilliant. I’m sure I was the most unfit person he will have trained at one of these types of sessions but he was really encouraging and kept me going. He adapted the session to me as well, after seeing what I could and couldn’t do and was really professional and made me feel at ease.

If I lived in central London I would certainly consider doing these sessions again regularly. It really mixes up your exercise and it is so helpful having someone to report to and be accountable too – I think personal trainers are definitely worth the money. A full 6 week skinny rebel package includes 12 x 45 minute, high intensity, full body altitude workout sessions and is £420 per person (1 x skinny rebel session is £40 per person).

What do you think to this training idea? You would certainly see results. I felt so good afterwards too as I rarely work this hard when I’m left to my own devices!

Rebecca x

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*I was offered a session in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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