Help Your Kids Sleep Better On Hot Summer Nights

The summer is here, and your kids are probably full of excitement about the school holidays, the long days playing out in the sun, and the great weather the season will hopefully bring. However, just like us grown ups, kids tend to forget that the warmer months also bring along a few less pleasant things, like having trouble sleeping on hot, still nights. At any age, lack of sleep because it’s too hot is a problem, but for kids it can be even worse – and they don’t have the option of coffee to rely on when they start their day after a restless night, either!

So, without going to the expense of installing air conditioning to cool their rooms for the two weeks or so when the temperatures at night are very high, what can you do to keep them cooler and help them stay well rested?



Windows are the first thing to think about. Though depending on what style of window you have, you may not be able to open them wide, getting some fresh air in to circulate reduces stuffiness and humidity. You can click here to see a wide range of window actuators and electronic window openers that might help you set your windows up to be more comfortable for your kids. If you are worried about bugs flying in, get a mesh to fit over the window. If opening the windows creates a noise problem where you live which also stops your children sleeping well, consider a white noise machine or giving them child friendly ear plugs if they can’t get used to the sounds.

Go to Bed Cool

If you usually sit in with your kids talking or reading stories before they try to sleep, in the hotter months, do this before they get under the covers so they are not getting warmer before they go to bed properly. The cooler they feel when they go to bed, the easier it is to fall asleep as the body temperature needs to drop to sleep properly. Let them cool down with a lukewarm shower or use a cold, wet flannel to cool off before bed, especially if they have been out in the sun or being active and raising their body temperature in the evening. Cooling down play, like water fights or playing in a paddling pool, can also be a good way to have them feeling cool in the evening.



Fans can be fairly cheap, and make a huge difference, especially if you can position them by the window so you can bring in and circulate more fresh air. If it is really hot, put a bucket of ice water in front of the fan – it will evaporate the water and cool the air.

It can be a struggle for anyone to sleep when it is hot and stuffy, so use these tips on yourself and your own bedroom as well as your kids so the whole family can have a nice summer!


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