Sleep Style: Does it Determine the Mattress or Pillows You Should Use?

Some assume we lie relatively still and peaceful all night, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Sleep contains a variety of different phases each with their own characteristics and benefits for the body. Due to this, many of us will often move around in our sleep until we reach the ‘deep’ phase.

It’s during this phase that we tend to stay in the same position, and it’s this position that’s usually identified as your ‘sleep type’. However, with a third of all adults not getting enough sleep, it’s clear to see that many people may not be aware of their sleep type and the most appropriate mattress for it. So, if you want more information on how to buy your next set of bedding specific to your sleep type, keep reading.


Stomach Sleepers

Generally considered to be the least common position, stomach sleepers account for just 13% of us. As the name suggests, stomach sleepers may begin on their side but almost always end up on their stomach during the deep sleep phase with their head to one side to allow breathing.

As this position is virtually flat, a hard pillow and mattress are the best options. A mattress with very little sink will provide enough support for your pelvic bones making direct contact with the mattress and, if you feel like trying it, you could probably get away with not using a pillow at all.

Back Sleepers

As the name suggests, back sleepers simply sleep on their back! It’s estimated that 28% of people sleep in this position, and it’s often described as one of the most healthy sleeping positions possible. Sleeping on your back is suggested to reduce wrinkles and release any upper body tension you may be experiencing so if you’re naturally a back sleeper, consider yourself lucky!

In terms of mattress and pillow purchasing for back sleepers, you should opt for a flat, sturdy pillow able to fully support the back of your head and a soft mattress.

Side Sleepers

Without a doubt the most popular sleeping position there is, it’s estimated a whopping 58% of us sleep on our side. Regardless of whether it’s the left or right side, side sleepers will require somewhat different bedding to back sleepers.

If this is your sleep type, opt for a soft yet sturdy pillow that’s able to mould to the specific shape of your side profile whilst still giving your head optimum support. Your mattress should be more on the firm side to provide support to your pelvis and any other joints making direct contact with the mattress. Check out the Leesa mattress review to discover a great mattress for this sleeping position!

 There is no such thing as ‘one mattress fits all’, simply because we all sleep in completely different positions! If you find yourself feeling sore when you wake up or not able to get to sleep at all, follow the above advice specific to your sleep type and see if you notice a difference!

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