When is the Right Time For Children to Have a Sleepover? | + Ollie & Leila Snuggle Sac Review

As Max is starting school next week, I know he will be making many more friends. If it is anything like when I was at school, they will often come over to play after school. It seemed at least once a week I went to  friend’s house, or they came to my house. I know four years old might seem a little too young to be thinking about it, but when is the right age for a sleepover, as that will inevitably become the next thing?

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They are something that I enjoyed when I was growing up, so with the right friends, I don’t think they need to be something that is banned completely. But how do you know when they are ready and you won’t be dashing to go and get them in the middle of the night because they are crying?

I had my first big sleepover for my eighth birthday. I remember it like it was yesterday! We took over the living room with lots of my friends. It was most of their first sleepover too. My birthday is in April and it was near Easter and I remember that we gave them all an Easter egg when they left, instead of a party bag. Such funny things we remember! Do you remember when you had your first sleepover?

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When planning sleepovers, I think it’s important that you and the other parents have open and clear communication about when the kids should arrive and leave and the number to contact in an emergency. Let them know your rules on if your child gets upset or is the naughty one. As for being the naughty one, sometimes even the well-behaved kids can get a little wound up and do silly things at a sleepover. So, the best thing is to anticipate what could happen and lay down some clear ground rules in advance. You could discuss:

  • Staying inside after a certain hour
    • This will obviously vary depending on the age of the children.
  • Rules about what to eat 
    • It is a sleepover, though, so you do want some fun things. You might just have certain rooms that they can’t eat in. So that needs to be discussed too.
  • Use (if any) of phones and Internet
    • Again; this might depend on the age of the children. If you aren’t there to monitor it, though, you might want to just stick to games and movies. Set up parental controls on the internet.
  • Rules about noise level and physical activity
    • Maybe set a time that they need to quiet down after and remove any breakable lamps etc from the room!
  • Guidelines for acceptable movies
    • This is so important o discuss. Some parents won’t want their children watching certain films. So let them know what the plan is for the night.

Other things you can do is to ask the other children to bring things like their own sleeping bag and pillow. It will make things a bit easier and you will know who’s is who’s. Max has been sent a gorgeous Snuggle Sac from Ollie and Leila. So he is ready for sleepovers (though I think they will just be with his cousins for the time being)!

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First of all, I loved that it came in a carry tote bag. It rolls up fairly small and then cane easily carried. it is light too, so even Max can carry it around. Sp perfect for sleepover or taking on trips or on holiday. Second of all, I love the design of it. Simple but really stylish. I think a design like this is pretty timeless, so it will last between Max and Chloe for a while.

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The Snuggle Sac is super soft! I really like that it is a fleece material, rather than a shiny polyester thing that I always had for sleeping bags growing up. So not only is it soft, but it is comfy for them to sleep with too. Kids can be a bit funny about the texture of things so this has worked well for us.

The Snuggle Sac costs £45, which I think is a little pricey for what it is. It is good quality, though, and it does look expensive, if that makes any sense? It might work well for a gift once your child is getting to the age for sleepovers. Then they will feel all grown-up having their own things to take. All in all I think it is a lovely product!

What do you think to the Snuggle Sac? Do you have any thoughts on children and sleepovers?

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*the Snuggle Sac was gifted in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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