My Tips For Designing a Small Bathroom & Making The Most Of The Space

We moved into our home just over six years ago now. Which is crazy to think about really (how has the time gone that fast)?! It was in a dire state and the whole thing needed gutting. It makes sense why we got such a good price for it. But we were young and child-free so it was the best time to renovate, if there was one. The main rooms just needed some plastering and a lick of paint. The kitchen and bathroom were a whole other story, though. Pink carpet in a bathroom anyone? So it was fun to sit down and get down to designing those rooms exactly the way the we wanted.

There are a few considerations that you need to think about when designing a bathroom, though. If you are thinking of changing things up a little, then I’m sharing what worked for us. We have ended up with a bathroom that I really love. Even though it is pretty small, I think we have made the best of the space.


Think About Space

As fun as it can be to have a set of elaborate sinks, bath and shower in a bathroom, if it is small, you want to actually have space to move. So is having a separate shower and bath really going to work? For us, we went for a shower head in the bath. The bath is a ‘P-basin’ so that the area by the shower head is a little wider than the rest of the bath. So you don’t need to worry about feeling squashed or short on space while you shower.

One wall was taken up with an airing cupboard when we moved in. A tiny bathroom with a humungous cupboard for towels. We decided that given the size of the room, it really wasn’t necessary. So we knocked that down, to move the sink and make space for a vanity unit.

Think About Practicality

Along the practicality side of things, we knew that we wanted to get rid of the carpet as soon as we moved in. Carpet is just the worst thing to have for a bathroom floor, is it not? So we replaced with with floor tiles. Much easier to clean, as well as being practical when the floor gets smashed with water. Much more hygienic too. We chose to go for underfloor heating for the tiles. As from a practical point of view, tiles can be a little cold underfoot. If you are thinking of going for tiles, then  there are so many different tiles out there. It was tricky to choose what we wanted; as we choose tiles for the walls too. So browsing somewhere like would be a good idea for some inspiration.


Think About the Room’s Usage

This might sound obvious, but what will the room be used for? If it will literally be for bathing and using the toilet, then fine. You can cater for this things easily! But will you use the room as a place to pamper and get ready?

We don’t have space in our bedroom for a dressing table or anything, especially after children came along. So for me, being able to get ready in the bathroom was a big deal. I love that we got a vanity unit as part of the sink, with plenty of drawers. So it is perfect for storing all of my makeup, lotions and potions. Having a shaving adapter space means we can use that in the bathroom, as well as a large mirror and shelving. If you are designing a bathroom from scratch, then you need to remember to tell your electrician about things like shaving outlets.


Have you ever redesigned your bathroom? What are the favourite parts of your bathroom?


*collaborative post

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