Making the Most of the Space in a Small Home

Whether you live in a small and cosy studio apartment, a luxurious 1 bedroom apartment, or a larger family home, we all want to make the most of the space we have. Feeling comfortable in a tidy, uncluttered home can ease the mind of anxieties and stress and help give you the good nights sleep and down-time you need.

Here are 8 tips to help you make the most of your space:

There’s no reason why a small home can’t be a luxurious one; but with beds taking up so much floor space, why not opt for one of the many ottoman beds that you can find? A stylish ottoman bed provides practical storage solutions without compromising on aesthetics. So, if you’re pushed for space, an ottoman bed is exactly what you need. You’ll be able to hide away bedding, towels, or seasonal clothing, without compromising on comfort or style. Secret storage doesn’t mean your furniture will look bulky and out of place; from oak finish to grey fabric or brown leather, there are ottoman design frames you’ll fall head over heels for.

If you have kids, bunk beds and mid-sleepers with built-in storage are a godsend. They really maximise the available floor space and open shelves allow your little ones to proudly display their best toys. Mid-sleeper’s built in drawers help hide away and organise less precious belongings, yet keep them easy to retrieve should your kids want to play with them.

Nothing makes a small space seem smaller — and more claustrophobic — than being able to see everything. So consider all the concealing methods available to you. Curtains and other textiles are great and easy to hang across doorways and over shelving. Furniture with built-in, hidden storage is worth the investment. Ideas to consider:

Maybe you’re a bit of a hoarder and there are belongings you just can’t part with, use baskets whenever possible. They’re a stylish solution as well as a practical one. Add smaller baskets to your shelves and they basically become drawers when tucked inside bookshelves. You can also add Shelves to the back of your cupboards or cabinets for maximum storage effect.

If you’re not quite ready to throw out or give away items, re-organising your belongings can still help. Behind-The-Door Shoe Holders are great, and they aren’t just for shoes you can use them for anything small such as socks and underwear, rolled-up towels, toiletries or cleaning products.

Instead of using your cupboard space for bathroom items, fill your shower caddy up with shampoos and soaps.

Use your walls; save cupboard space by using a pegboard in the kitchen for pots and pans and hanging your utensils on the walls will give you more room in your drawers.

By organizing effectively, you’ll save so much space. You can use mason jars to store dry foods instead of hoarding large cardboard or plastic boxes in your larder. A wall hanging spice rack is also a great space saving option.

It really comes down to being smart about storage and making your space as efficient as possible. So take these tips, some of which were provided by tips were provided by Joy Richards, Sleep and Wellness Specialist at Happy Beds, on board these tips and you’ll find yourself more comfortable within the walls you live.
*collaborative post.

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