The Foods To Snack On To Aid Weight Loss This Summer

Losing weight doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to starve and deprive yourself of the foods that you love. Even experts say that if you are planning to lose weight, you can do so provided you reduce the quantity of food you are used to consuming and take food in moderation. It is summer time and this is the right time to shed those extra kilos as spicy and heavier meals are no longer appealing.


Summer Foods That Aid in Weight Loss

In the paragraphs that follow, given are foods that can be ideally taken in summer and the ones that can help you to lose weight. So, read on for more information.

  • Peanut butter

This butter is creamy in consistency and is quite heavy. It makes you feel full for a longer time, the reason that curbs your appetite. Moreover, it is known to keep blood sugar levels steady. Also, you will notice that your sugar cravings have reduced remarkably. Nut butter is my jam, so to speak, so I stock up on different varieties of nut butter. Just make sure that it is the natural and sugar-free brands.

  • Grapefruit 

A reduction in insulin level will ensure that less fat is stored and this property of grapefruit helps to aid weight loss. It has got fat-reducing properties and is loaded with Vitamin C too – bonus!


  • Green Tea

If you are fond of green tea, just remember that very soon you are heading for a toned body or at least a lower BMI. Experts are of the opinion that green tea aids in weight loss as it boosts rate of metabolism. It helps in releasing energy and aids in burning fat.

  • Soybeans 

Lecithin is a substance that is contained in soybean. Lecithin prevents fat from being stored in the body. In fact, it shields the body from fat. Not only that it helps in breaking down any fat that has accumulated if consumed regularly over a period of time.

  • Oats 

Similar to peanut butter, oats will keep you full for a longer period of time. It helps in fighting cholesterol and aids in metabolism. Overnight oats are my go-to!

  • Pears 

Studies have proved that individuals that consume more fruit ate less and their calorie intake was comparatively lower as compared to the ones that didn’t incorporate fruits in their diet. It is also said that every time you have sugar cravings, you eat a fruit. So, it makes sense in keeping your refrigerator piled up with fruits that you can eat whenever you want to snack in between meals.


  • Almonds 

If you are contemplating weight loss, you cannot exclude almonds from your diet. This wonder nut not only aids in weight loss but it also prevents fat from accumulating. Aside from this property, it is said to make you feel fuller for long and also give you greater satisfaction from food. Aside from the foods that have been mentioned above, if you want to know which diet plan or exercises will help you to lose weight better, you could check out this article for some more info.

Diet and Exercise

Diet alone cannot make you lose weight, whether you are planning to lose weight this summer or any other time of the year. In order that you get the best results from your efforts, you have to complement it with an exercise regime too.Rebecca x

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