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Now that autumn is officially in full swing, I am honestly loving life. They say that you’re meant to have an affinity with the season that you were born in, and while I love spring (April baby over here), I do really love autumn just that little bit more. I like the cooler temperature and the nights starting to get a little darker. I like the food and the comfort and cosyness, and that lovely ‘hygge’ feeling that was all the rage a couple of years ago.

I think I have to say, as basic as it sounds, I love the fashion and styles at this time of year. I love a scarf, a cardigan, boots, tights, jackets and dresses, and all of that layering up goodness. Do you have something that you particularly love to wear in autumn?

Think about it, if you’re anything like me, what has the power to cheer you up? To help you to feel comfortable and cosy and warm? Put a spring in your step and ease you into the new autumn season? Fashion, of course!

I saw on a friend’s Instagram recently that she was embracing the little joys in life, and for me, this is definitely one of the little joys. This season is not just about fads and trends but about choosing styles that will last and that you’ll be able to rewear, which I love the sound of. I have chosen some lovely pieces from SOLADO to wear this autumn, and the good news is that if you’re tight on a budget, they have really reasonable prices if you’re looking for something new. Let’s face it, the cost of living crisis has made versatility with our clothing right on-trend.

All about layering with a sleeveless knit

The temperatures are dropping at this time of year, but it can be warmer on some days than others, which is why it is all about layering. I love the look of a shirt with jeans, but to make it autumnal, add ankle boots and a sleeveless knit. Throw on a blazer or long coat and a scarf if the temperature drops, and you’ve got the jist of layering for autumn. A sleeveless knit also looks good with a midi dress that is a little more summery, and can be worn both casual and smart.

Dress to impress

Even if you haven’t got a lot of social occasions in autumn that require a dress, having one that works with the time of year is such a good idea. I have this cami dress which can be worn with tights and heeled boots for the season, as well as with a blazer and a scarf for a work night out, for example. It is really stretchy too (yesss, hello mum tum) and just fits well and is comfortable but stylish. A statement dress is a must in autumn (and well, at any time of year)!

Power suit

The trouser suit is really having a bit of a moment and it has all moved on a long way since Hilary Clinton. Great for work, as well as for casual, they’re front and centre this season. It does all the work for you, because you don’t need to have fancy hair or many accessories when wearing one. Simple earrings and hair slicked back would totally work. 

Wrap it up

A wrap coat is something that I love. Much like my beloved long cardigans, they can be wrapped around you and tied up when cooler and needed, or can be left longer and open on warmer days when you just need an extra layer (kind of like a blazer style). A long coat works so well in autumn and one like this style can be dressed up or dressed down, and be part of layering, with scarves, jumpers, shirts, etc. Even wearing a hoodie underneath, with the hood folded out the top, makes a super casual look that is a little bit smarter and stylish, which is great for the school run.

Bold in green

I went to a shopping mall the other day, which is quite rare for me because I do so much of my shopping online. I was pleased to see many bold colour block items, rather than just prints and patterns. One of the biggest trends I had noticed was green being a bright and bold colour for the season. I love to see it, to be honest! Green, in all shades, isn’t something that you see all that much so it is a pleasant surprise. I think I want to get a green shirt, as well as a cornflower blue shirt too.

What are some of your favourite things about the season? It would be great to hear what you think and what you’re most looking forward to.

*this is a collaborative post, but all opinions are my own.

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