Some Top Home Workout Ideas

Summer is here, so there is no better time to get started on those exercise routines that you promised yourself you’d be doing.  You might be getting ready for a summer holiday, or just want to look great strolling along the high street showing a bit of skin in the warmer weather.  There’s no doubt that it can be difficult getting motivated when it comes to doing a workout, that’s why it’s a good idea to try and make it as fun as possible.

We’ve put together some home workout ideas below.  That way you can start to feel fitter without even leaving the house.

Use the Bowflex Max Trainer

This piece of equipment allows you to get into shape without having to go all the way to the gym.  It has all of the great benefits of other fitness equipment, however can burn up to 2.5 times more calories, it also works your upper body 80% more than other training equipment.  It comes complete with 2 different workouts and 8 different intensity levels as you progress.  It also has a media shelf so you can listen to some of your favourite workout music as you get going for some motivation.  It’s quiet, and lightweight – so perfect for around the home.  If you want to learn more,  this Bowflex trainer review will give you all the info you need to know about this piece of home workout equipment.


You don’t need to be a kid to go on a trampoline!  Trampolining has many health benefits and is fantastic for burning calories.  It is becoming one of the biggest fitness trends of late and for good reason.  It isn’t as strenuous as jogging for example as there isn’t the same impact as there would be on a road.  You will find that it will firm and tone your muscles and stimulate your metabolism.  You will also find that your sense of balance will improve.  The biggest benefit of this kind of home workout is that it is lots of fun.  You can get some great compact trampolines that are easy to move around the house, or even into the garden on sunny days.


Yoga places a focus on flexibility and strength and is something that is becoming increasingly popular amongst people looking to improve their overall health.  It isn’t only designed to be a physical exercise – but can improve your mental wellbeing.  It gives you everything the gym can, but in a relaxed and peaceful space.  It’s something that will speed up your metabolic system, as well as burn fat.  The beauty of yoga is that you will actually feel more energetic after a yoga session, rather than tired and burnt out which is how you may feel when undertaking other types of exercise.  If you are looking to de-stress, this is also a great way to do that.


You may think of skipping as a kids’ game, but there is a reason why it’s incredibly popular in terms of exercise amongst boxers.  To give you an idea of how much it could do for you in terms of weight loss – 10 minutes of skipping burns off more than 45 minutes of running.  It is great for toning your upper and lower body muscles and will increase your heart rate.  This makes it a great overall workout.  Just like trampolining and yoga, it will improve your coordination and agility.  It also has other benefits, for example – you should see improvements to your skin, making you look better too.


That’s right – housework can be considered to be a form of exercise.  This is something that’s been debated by researchers over the years – however if you complete vigorous activity when doing your housework this can burn calories.  It is important however that it is not seen as the only physical activity undertaken as part of your exercise regime.  If you are combining this with other forms of exercise, the good news is that it still counts. A top tip is to make sure you put some music on at the same time.  There is nothing wrong with having a dance whilst doing your housework, it can certainly make it more fun.

These are just some home workout ideas that you can take advantage of.  If you find it difficult finding time to go to the gym or going to classes – then you might want to try out some of these options.  That way you can fit it in with everything else that you need to do.

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