Spend vs. Save On Summer Pool Holiday Essentials

“Club tropicana drinks are freeee…”

My holidays are usually split into two types. The first are those where it’s all about exploring the country and the culture that I’m visiting. I pack the itinerary full of excursions and sightseeing so that I squeeze every drop of the place into the experience! Then there’s the second type which is one of the best things ever… pool holidays! It started when I was young and my family were huge fans of choosing a lush resort hotel with a gorgeous pool which we would lounge around by all day every day. Some might think that’s a mundane way to spend a week/fortnight but for me it’s the ultimate form of self-care. You get a wonderful dose of feel good sunshine, the warmth gives you that feeling of brightness to shake off the usual grey days we’re used to. As someone who is always on the go, I can actually lay down for more than a moment and swim to my hearts content and read all the books I’ve been wanting to for months. It’s wonderful.

Countdown to summer fun… on a budget!

We’re getting close to May, the month that we all begin to take our trips abroad (especially if you’re trying to dodge the school holidays!) so the countdown is really on to get your essentials sorted. You might find that stores are offering discounts on holiday must haves for early birds in order to give a boost in sales before summer truly begins. It’s the perfect time to make a list and start picking up those vital bits to make your holiday great! Take a look at my picks of pool holiday essentials at both spend and save price points to suit every pocket – enjoy…

1. Keeping dry!

You want to be able to go in and out of the pool as you please without worrying about getting your personal items wet. There are a couple of options to overcome this issue…

Spend You can invest in a beach towel which has nice deep pockets to stash your phone, keys, and money etc. away. This one is a market leader!

Save Bring lots of ziplock style bags in your suitcase! They will protect your most precious items and can be stashed inside a beach bag or simply slipped behind your sun lounger headrest. Just be sure to save the seat with your towel.

2. Get into a good drama!

A pool holiday is the ideal time to catch up on some reading and a popular genre at the moment is romance. Everyone loves the thrill and drama of a good love story. Being transported to a fantasy life can help you leave your own world behind and has been shown to reduce stress levels – bonus!

Spend Head down to your local bookshop and purchase a romance novel (although paper books don’t stand up to a pool or beach holiday very well!)

Save Head over to Obooko.com for free romance books – yes really! They have a whole host of free romance eBooks for you to browse and download to your device so you can have plenty of literature at your fingertips. Get your romance novel fix for absolutely nothing! Liberate yourself from social media and immerse yourself in a great story whilst reclining in the sun, sounds wonderful doesn’t it?

3. Be protected!

Pool holidays involve a lot of time in the sun, and whilst in the water the sun will still have a powerful effect on the skin. It’s vital to protect your whole family’s skin health whilst on your trip away. Here are two of my favourite sun protection brands at opposite price points, but both amazing.

Spend Ultrasun has been a must have for me for a while now. They have extremely good levels of UVA and UVB protection on offer and different formulations including tinted and gel sport versions. Check them out here.

Save Boots Soltan range is fabulous. I’ve never had a problem with any of their products and I tend to stock up when there’s a deal running in store or online. The creams are fantastic value with an entire family essentials pack retailing at £22! Found exclusively at Boots.com.

What items are top of your holiday list?

*This is a collaborative post, however all thoughts and words are my own. Prices and items shown correct at date of publication.

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  • Solar covers float freely on top of a pool without tie-downs or anchors to hold them in place. Removing a solar cover is easy, just pull it off and store it. This job can be a bit sloppy – imagine folding a giant wet blanket by yourself .
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  • Thank you for sharing such good tips! Yes, using sunscreen is important because UV rays negatively affect our skin. Our skin is especially susceptible to this after swimming in salt water.