Bucket List: Sporting Goals to Achieve

If you were our neighbour the other night, we might have given you a bit of a fright as we were shouting at the TV late at night. Why? Jason Kenny won his sixth gold medal at the Rio Olympics! I have always had an interest in sport and LOVE it when these kinds of competitions come around. It is fun to see some more unusual sports that we don’t always see. I love any excuse to be patriotic too! But it has got me motivated to get more active and achieve some more goals.



Like I say, I have always had an interest in sport. From sports day to going to the gym. I have worked as a personal trainer and class instructor too. But I haven’t done too much in the way of training for a specific thing. I had it on my ‘bucket list‘ to do a triathlon and a colour run. I achieved both of those things last year. One thing I have left to do (ideally before the time I’m 30, but who knows), would be to do an obstacle course event. I’m sure you’ve seen people do those ones before. Running in mud, pulling themselves up and over walls and crawling under wire. Yes; I do actually want to do one! I just think it would be such a fun thing to do. Amazing to do it with a group of friends too.

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So if you have been thinking about doing one of these types of races, what is stopping you?! There is a fantastic training guide online, giving you all the tips and advice that you need. From shorter distances to longer distances, as well as nutrition plans and advice on kit that you’ll need. It is pretty comprehensive and perfect for people that want to do it, but feel unsure.

Have you been inspired or motivated to get a little fitter from watching the Olympics? I’m no gold medal winner but setting myself some goals does help to keep me fit and motivated.


*collaborative post.

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