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It can be hard to find fun, interesting gifts for the people on your list, from the kids to teachers to cousins and neighbours. As several of my gift guides this festive season have already shown, there are such a wide range of people to buy for.

But when it comes to the kids, it can be overwhelming as there are so many things out there. From stocking fillers to ‘main’ gifts, there are all different brands and characters to choose from, as well as thinking about things that aren’t just going to last for a few days. On top of that, you want a gift that can actually be useful and perhaps even educational for our children. Not too much to ask is it? 😉

Sports Direct have some gifts that are really well priced, so I have been looking for some gifts for my children from there this year. I honestly wouldn’t have thought to look there, but there have such a wide variety. So here are some of my top picks (including some things that I have actually bought). And the best bit? They’re all under £5! Yes, truly. Under £5.

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1.Darth Vader Back Pack – £3.49

With a Star Wars obsessed son, this is always going to go down well. Such a bargain, especially compared to other Darth Vader backpacks. I have seen one very similar on a different retailers site and it was £12 – so this is a much more attractive version.

2. Hatch Heroes – £2.99

With my children, especially my three year old, anything that ‘hatches’ is a winner. Even better if it is Olaf based, right? A good stocking filler that will keep them engaged and entertained for more than a few minutes!

3. Frozen Lunch Box Set – £4

Most lunch boxes, especially branded ones, tend to cost way more than only £4. Plus, this one comes with a drinks bottle too. Impressed by the size and quality of this.

4. Star Wars Character Bath Set* – £2

Again, Star Wars is a winner with my nearly six year old! Plus, for things that we use all the time, like bath products, it doubles up as a useful gift too. Such a good price point at £2 for the set, which is really comparable to other retailers for similar items.

5. Christmas Elf – £2.49

We haven’t done the whole ‘Elf on the Shelf’ thing before. But I think this is the year that we will embrace it! I have seen some pretty naff looking elves, but this is a dead ringer for the original. So much cheaper too – will be purchasing for sure.

6. Magnetic Scribbler* – £2.10

For travel, church or quiet time, a scribbler like this is a winner. I was amazed at the price, though, as I have never seen them so cheap (especially for one branded as a Disney Princess one). I have this one and have been impressed by the quality of it, so would recommend this one. They have a few different character options like Minions and Paw Patrol.

7. Tsum Tsum Sewing Set – £4.75

We love Tsum Tsums in our house! So I thought being able to make your own cuddly one would be a super cute idea. Granted, this is more of a hands-on gift that I would need to help with. But I do find sewing pretty relaxing (so perhaps it is more of a gift for me than them, ha).

8. Bath Puzzle* – £5

Since my children have got older, I have neglected the whole bath toy thing. But as they still love to take nice long baths, something for them to do in the bath is a good idea. I haven’t seen a bath puzzle before, so had to add this to my cart. Love the Little Mermaid design on it. It is good quality too.

9. Bubble Gun* – £2.50

Bubbles and children go hand in hand, right? Even better when they can make their own bubbles with a bubble gun or wand! At £2.50 I think this is the perfect stocking filler for any little one (again, Sports Direct had several different character options too).

Have you ever looked at the Sports Direct site before? Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Would love to hear what you think.Rebecca x*This post is an entry for BritMums #sdfiverchallenge Christmas Challenge, sponsored by Items marked gifted as part of the challenge. All opinions are my own.


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