Spring Clean…

You all know the term ‘Spring Cleaning,’ which kicks in at the turn of the New Year. New Year, new you, new goals, new ideas and a ‘new’ home. Not literally a breand new home but redoing some decor or just giving it a full on proper deep clean and update. But is this a dread or a love for you? If you’re not keen to do it yourself, you can always look for a professional Atlanta house cleaning to give you a helping hand. Its a great opportunity to bring individuality and some colour back into our homes during the January gloom. When will you start your spring overhaul this year?

If you are thinking go big or go home in terms of an update then perhaps time for a wallpaper upgrade? Nothing says ‘spring cleaning’ like taking a leap! Next have some fab wallpaper prints this season – Elissia Ochre found here or a neutral Metallic Natural Scroll found here or even Birds Wallpaper found here – this would be great in a kids room.

What’s the first spring cleaning task you’ll take on this year? Being my OCD self, I have a couple of tips to help with the cleaning side of things…

One of my sisters cleans everything with white vinegar. I had never really thought (or even heard of) doing this before. But after giving it a go, it really works and you can use it for pretty much everything; toilets, tiles, laminate floor, sink, worktops. It is so much cheaper than buying cleaning products too.

I for one love the smell of vinegar but if you don’t, cleaning with the stuff could be a bit much. Here is a littel trick you could try to still use vinegar to clean but it will leave you with out the vinegar smell:

  • Soak orange peels in some vinegar for about two weeks in a sealed jar (like a mason or jam jar).
  • Then, pur the vinegar into an old spray bottle.
  • Simple as. You now have an effective ‘green’ cleaner that smells great.

I also find cleaning week in week out is much better when I have a list. With all that we have going on in our life its nice to know what must be done each day (especially on dys when I am feeling lazy). I have seen some great cleaning checklists on Pinterest, but this is one that I like (taken from Evelyn Kate Designs).

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