Spring Crochet Patterns for All Levels

You only need to know how to make a few different stitches in order to make all sorts of crochet projects. That’s one of the beautiful things about crochet: it really is an easy craft that’s accessible for all ages and skill levels. It doesn’t take long to learn how to make a crochet chain and slip stitch in order to start new projects, and from there you just need to know your basic stitches in order to take something from just plain yarn to a lovely, handmade item.

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If you haven’t yet discovered the world of free crochet patterns online at Yarnspirations.com, then you’d better book off some time in your calendar for all the crafting you’re about to do. Finding a new pattern is as exciting as finding a new recipe. You have the steps and instructions for making something you haven’t tried before but you know that the end result will be fantastic. Just check out these beautiful crochet patterns to get inspired and begin planning your next crochet project.

Start with the Stitches

Before we dig into some spring options for crochet patterns, let’s go over a few of the basic stitches you’ll need to complete these projects. Anyone who knits or crochets knows that there’s always something new to learn. Learning a new stitch is just one way to open up your repertoire of crocheting skills and allow yourself to make new creations.

Crochet Chain Stitch: the most basic crochet stitch, this one is used to begin most projects. It’s also used to connect other stitches in a pattern, especially when working the round. It’s possible to make a crochet item using just this stitch.

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Single Crochet Stitch: use this stitch to create a dense fabric, though you can also use different sizes of hooks or yarn to open it up. This is the foundational stitch for all amigurumi crochet patterns, so if you want to make some of those adorable items, this is the stitch you need to know.

Tufted Crochet Pillow

Here’s a new pattern that, once mastered, will give you the skills to completely transform your home décor. With soft and durable Bernat velvet yarn as your working material, you can create a plush rounded pillow in the spring pallet you want. Velvet adds a modern-contemporary style to any space and the pattern shows you how to cover any button for your own custom look.

For this cushion, you make the front and back separately then crochet the two pieces together around a round pillow. Then you add the button in its place in the center of the cushion for the tufted look. Try making a couple of neutral-colored cushions and accent them with more vibrant spring colors. When the season changes, you can swap out the accent cushion for another seasonally-appropriate tone.

ernat Fringe Benefits Bag

Fringe Bag

One of the best things about dressing up for spring is the chance to wear the flouncy, colorful items you’ve been waiting all winter to wear. With a fringe bag crochet pattern, you can create a soft and durable shoulder bag that has a truly lovely fringe decoration around its brim.

Decorate your wardrobe and your home with your crochet skills. Your approach to buying and gifting items will change forever. You’ll feel like a pro with every accomplished project and can even start making friends through online knitting and crochet communities. Happy stitching!

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