Spruce Up Your Home In Time For Summer!

As summer is almost here, it could be a great time to give your home a makeover. You don’t need to spend loads of money or invest in complicated renovations. There’s something for all budgets to do. Take a look through these ideas and see which of them you’ll use:

Create A Feature Wall

Creating a feature wall, if you haven’t already got one, could be a really good way to spruce up your home and get it ready for summer. Providing you create an eye catching feature wall, it could really enhance your home and bring it to life. You can pick any room to make your feature wall in, but the living room is obviously the most popular choice. The great thing about feature walls is that there are so many ways you can create them too. You could simply use a coloured pot of paint. You could put up a load of pictures you really love, or even paint a mural. There are no rules. Use your imagination and make something you’re proud to show off! Just make sure that you pick the right wall for it. It should be a plain wall with nothing too distracting around it. This wall should be the most eye catching thing about the room! You also need to make sure you don’t have too many feature walls in the house as a whole. Having one in every room can definitely be considered overkill.

Amazing Low-Budget Home Decorating Ideas for This Summer

Add A New Colour

You could simply add a new colour to your home decor if you want a quick and cheap way of doing it. If you have a neutral coloured decor at the moment, for instance, you could include a bright pop of colour by adding in some exciting new accessories. Accessories are really easy to change, and you can find many cheap options in home decor stores. Alternatively, you could completely change the colour of the walls by painting them. It’s cheap and doesn’t take very long at all! 

Include Flowers And Fruit

Flowers and fruit should be displayed in the home all year round, but they definitely need to be displayed during summertime. They’ll add some lovely colours to your home and bring it to life instantly. If you’re worried about fruit going to waste or flowers dying, you can even buy fake options to get the look without constantly replacing them. You can buy some realistic options these days!


Replace Window Treatments

Replacing your window treatments during summer could be a good idea if you want to open up the space and let more light in. If you currently have curtains, for example, replacing with blinds could make your home seem brighter and more open. You’ll be able to let more natural light in and really make the most of summer. It’ll cost a little more to make a change like this, but it’ll be worth it when your place seems instantly more summery.

De Clutter And Clean Up

By simply decluttering and cleaning up your home, you can give it a new lease of life. Get rid of things you’ve been saying you’re going to get rid of and stop putting it off. Give away or sell things you don’t use anymore. Make sure your home is also nice and clean too, and free from anything that could cause health issues. Be on the look out for things like mould and woodworm that won’t be doing your home any favors. You can easily look into treating woodworm online, or hire professionals to do it for you.

Do Up Your Garden

You need to have your garden in tip top condition for summer, so get to it ASAP. You’ll then be able to invite friends and family over to enjoy the summer sun with you. You could get rid of old debris and accessories, replace furniture, or simply prune your trees. Having nice outdoor lighting is a good idea too, as well as a fire pit and BBQ. Turn your garden into somewhere your friends love to spend time! If you have a bigger budget, you could even have some decking installed or something else to add value to your property. Having a nice summer garden will always be worth the investment.

Are you ready to spruce up your home in time for summer? Which of these changes will you be making? If you have tips or ideas of your own, make sure you leave those below too. Thanks for reading and make sure you come back soon!


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