Squelch Wellies Review

Both of my children go to a primary school that is also a forest school, which is an aspect that I really loved. We are close to two primary schools, and when we were deciding which to put as our first choice, the forest school and the smaller village-nature of the school was what sold it for me. Luckily, we got a place and have been really happy with our choice. So it just means that we have extra things to think about when it comes to back to school, as we need to make sure that we have everything sorted for forest school; they will go out in all weathers so need wellies and waterproofs that fit.

My daughter has had a bit of a growth spurt recently and we have been needing to get quite a few new bits for her. And with the forest school element of her school starting again really soon, I’ve wanted to get everything sorted. Luckily we had a delivery from Squelch Wellies.

Squelch Wellies are really newly out and I have been really impressed with them. The idea came from a mum of two having children that changed their mind so often about the kind of wellies that they wear, so with the transparent boot, you can choose some of the lovely, soft, and vibrant Squelch socks. Then their boots are designed as they want them. The wellies are available in sizes EU26-30 (suitable for 3 to 6 year olds really), so they are great for little ones that like to explore, especially all of those muddy puddles!

Chloe chose unicorn socks and flamingo socks for her wellies, and she has been loving them.

Ethical Wellies

With so much concern at the moment over the environment at the moment, rightly so, it is great to see a brand that has some great ethics and a positive relationship with the manufacturers that they use. Knowing where products are from and that thought has gone into ethical issues is more important than ever.

You get a 100% cotton drawstring bag that the boots come in, which can be a great bag for them and when we go on forest school (or simply use the bag for buying your fruit and veg, for example). Squelch also encourage customers to recycle wellies after they’ve been grown out of. And as they are hard wearing, they can be easily passed onto others, given to a charity shop, or used as things like planters in the garden (it would be great to see ants or worms burrowing in the mud as the boot is see-through).

Value for Money

The boots are really well made and made from some durable materials. The socks are really lovely too, with great designs to choose from, and they material is really soft. The boots are £16 a pair, and the socks are £3.50 a pair, so I think that is completely reasonable with other products on the market, as well as giving you value for money.

I have been so impressed with the boots, and so has my daughter. She has even described them as being like Cinderella’s glass slippers, because they are clear like the shoes in the story. I really like that they can be worn with different socks for different things, to make it a much more fun. So here’s to autumn and all things forest school!

Have you heard of Squelch before? Isn’t it the best word ever? It would be great to hear what you think!

*the wellies were gifted in exchange for review. All opinions are our own, and I would only recommend something that I would pay for myself.

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