Starting a Hobby from Scratch

At the moment, lots of people are looking for ways to fill spare time in their homes, to feel productive and constructive within the limitations imposed on us collectively, or simply to distract themselves from a situation that’s too big to control. Starting a new hobby can serve either of those motives, so the time has never been better.

Beginning a new hobby from scratch with only the resources available in your home (or those that are easily deliverable) might be more of a challenge than the skill you’re trying to pick up, so that’s why, today, we’re here to help.

The Right Hobby

Perhaps the most important choice you can make is picking the right hobby. You’ve got time, so use it to reflect on what makes you feel relaxed, accomplished, engrossed, distracted, or whatever you need for a hobby at this time – it’s also worth reflecting on what you need from a hobby!

Overcommitting to a hobby you like the idea of more than it actually fulfils you is counterproductive: rather than relaxation and self-care, you’re only creating more work for yourself.

Sourcing Supplies

Finding crafting supplies can be difficult at the moment. Depending on what you pick you might need paint, canvases, needles, thread, scissors and more! Sourcing all of these necessary tools and ingredients can be tricky at a time when we’re only supposed to make trips to buy staple foods.

Fortunately, there are lots of delivery companies that are still able to operate, and you might even be able to buy a craft subscription box, meaning everything you need for a new project is delivered to your door every month!

Sticking With It

Finding the motivation to stick with a skill you haven’t yet mastered is one of the most difficult challenges you can face, and if you can motivate yourself, then you can feel confident you’ll stay the course, improve and most importantly enjoy yourself!

The most important thing you can do is set yourself achievable goals: don’t set out to complete a masterwork right away, whatever the discipline you’re exploring – whether you’re discovering embroidery, learning to paint watercolours or beginning the career as a writer you’ve always dreamed of. Find a small project to start with – a knitted scarf, a short story, sewing your own pincushion – and you’ll see results quickly, which provides the engine of motivation you need to see larger, more ambitious projects through to completion.

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