Starting PreSchool (and Why I Won’t be Crying at the School Gates)



I must be getting old – I have officially got a pre-schooler!

Max has started this week and it’s all different kinds of emotions for me.All except for sadness though. I don’t feel sad about it at all.


I’ve had a few people say to me:


“Oh, when he starts preschool will you cry?”

“It’s so emotional, I bet you’ll be crying as you walk home”


I really, really won’t be.


I did get the nickname ‘Ice Queen’ off my sisters as a teenager but before you think I’m completely heartless, hear me out.

It is such an exciting and happy time. He’s growing up, learning, and getting on with things. Max is so ready to be there too and I know it will really benefit him, as in my opinion, there are only certain things you can teach them at home.

When we went for the introduction days before the summer, Max didn’t even care that I was there. He just ran off to join in with the others, and that is totally fine by me. He is developing and growing and this is so important. Plus, it means some quieter time with just the girl and I, a few mornings a week, and I think it’s important that she has some one-on-one time too.


How did you get on when your little one started school?

Any other non-criers out there?

Rebecca x

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*Disclaimer – if you do / did cry, that’s totally awesome too (you’re probably a much nicer person than me haha)

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