6 Ways to Stay Safe When You Are Out and About Over Summer

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but when you are out and about this summer, there are some things that can be a bit of a hazard. There are things that we need to keep an eye on to check that everyone is kept safe and well. Here are just a few of them:


 Sun Protection

It is important to not underestimate the strength of the sun in the UK, even on a cloudy or windy day. Apply sunscreen half an hour before you go outside and reapply frequently. A hat and sunglasses are a must, especially for little ones.

Safety in the Water

It is a good idea to always check tide times when walking; keep dogs on leads near cliffs and don’t get too close to the edge yourself; take note of signs when swimming and if possible, swim on guarded beaches; and wear the right kit when headed out on the water. Inland, it’s really important to take note of any signs about swimming and jumping restrictions, and always be aware of hidden dangers. You never know what might be hidden underneath the water.

Road Safety

We’re more likely to be walking on the country lanes when we are out and about over summer. So it is a good idea to always remember a few points on the highway code. Walk facing the traffic, rather than with your back against it. It is also good to be extra wary of cyclists when you are the one driving. You don’t want to have an accident and have to make any back injury claims!

Stranger Danger

When you’re more likely to be out in crowded situations, such as the beach, food market or on holiday in a new place. So it is so important to make sure your children know how to stay safe. They should know to go to someone in charge if they get lost. If they are old enough to know your names and phone numbers, then even better. Remind them to stay with friends if they’re out without you, and to never go off with an adult or anyone that they don’t recognise. Even if the person says that they know them. This can be such a scary thought, so best to be prepared.

Bugs and Bites

Britain is a pretty safe place in terms of bugs and poisonous little critters. However, summer can bring a greater risk of bugs and bites. It is a good idea to get plenty of insect repellent and if in an area that’s prone to tics, try to wear long sleeves and trousers. Dogs are likely to get tics too, so check them after your walks out and about.

Stay Hydrated and Drink Plenty of Water

Drink plenty of fluids, and make sure you’re carrying plenty with you for any long, summer outings. If you don’t know the area, or are off for a remote adventure, don’t take a risk that there’ll be a spot to buy them along the way.


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