Staying Safe During A Family Holiday: Top Tips

If you want to take your family on holiday, you might be worrying already about how to keep your kids safe as you go. After all, kids love to wander off and have adventures, and it’s hard to keep an eye on them at all times! However, if you know how safe the location is going to be, and what safety protocols you can use to keep everyone on track, your holiday will go off without a hitch. Here are our top tips for having a great family holiday without having to worry. 

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Make it Easy to Stay in Touch

Staying in touch when you’re on holiday should be easy – after all, you’ll be doing everything together. But if your kids have a phone of their own to contact you with, you’ll all feel much safer as you move through the destination you’re visiting. 

None of you really know the lay of the land, after all, and being able to stay in contact no matter what is the best way to act here. Even just simple pay-as-you-go phones will work, and make sure the kids charge them up every night. 

Ask After Accommodation Security

Before you set off, make sure you call the accommodation you’re going to be staying in and ask about their security practices. Let them know you’ve got young kids coming along and you’re a little worried; they’ll be able to fill you in in seconds. 

Alternatively you could go online and find out if your Accommodation in Hamilton Island has multiple entry points and what kind of locks you can make use of, for example. Just do a little research right now to put your mind at rest, and see if you need to take any extra security with you. 

Talk Through What to do When Getting Lost

Getting lost is a possibility; the kids might lose track of you in a supermarket, or a crowd might get a little too hustle and bustle to stay together. So if you do get separated, agree ahead of time what to do in this situation. 

Come up with a place to go and wait and make sure the kids know not to talk to strangers. However, also let them know who they can talk to if the worst comes to worst. Going into a shop and asking the owner for help, for example, could be a possibility here. 

Give Everyone an Emergency Kit

Finally here, why not pack some emergency kits? Don’t worry, emergency kits don’t need to be extensive. They just need to have a few key items in. A water bottle, a bandage/plaster, a map, and some trail mix to snack on, etc. These are all good things to have in your backpack in case you get lost or separated, and will help anyone in your group to find their way back to everyone again.

Staying safe during a family trip requires practical forward thinking. Use tips like these to help.

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