Steps For a More Eco-Friendly Home

We might all speak different languages, we might look different, act different and have different opinions, but we all have one thing in common – the Earth. In a world that’s gradually cottoning on to the fact that we need to look after our planet, it’s up to us to make those necessary changes within our families that contribute to protecting the world we live in; it is after all our home.

We don’t always take diligent care of our planet. We waste the resources that we have, and we contribute towards pollution. There are many ways to reduce your carbon footprint particularly within your household. Here are ten ways to make your home more eco friendly: 

Teach your children about the planet

Children really are the future and it’s our responsibility to teach them about the environment and looking after it. When you’re at the park or on the school run with your kids why not make an effort to keep your neighbourhood clean. It’s so simple; If you see waste on the ground, don’t walk past it thinking someone else will pick it up. Lead by example and be that person to throw it in a bin!

Recycle Cans, Bottles, and Paper

Have a separate bin in your house for recycling. Save them at home and at school, and help your family recycle them.

Help Keep the Air Clean

Ride your bike or walk to work; even opting for public transport is better for the environment. Too many cars cause a huge amount of pollution. If there’s a way to reduce your car use, try to do it every day. 

Save Paper

Too much paper gets wasted every day. Try not to print paper unless you absolutely  must and use both sides of your paper at work and at home.

Cleaning products

To clean up messes, use sponges or washable cloths instead of paper towels. You can also reuse the bottles from your cleaning products and better still make your own cleaning products with natural ingredients.

Save Money on food

It’s a shame to waste any food and it’s harmful for the environment when we do. The more people consume, the more food big companies must make. This results in more energy being used by companies facilities and surplus amounts of plastic packaging killing the planet. You can also save money by buying in bulk and planning your recipes ahead of time so you waste less food. If you save on groceries, you could help save the planet.

DIY and home improvements

Are you renovating your home or making improvements around the house? You can still limit your impact on the environment by choosing materials, suppliers and manufacturing processes that endeavor to be eco-friendly. Aluminium is an inherently strong material that will not rust or rot and has excellent insulating properties, making it perfect for use as a window. Aluminium windows are also recyclable and they provide outstanding energy efficiency so they’re a great choice for any home.

Help Save Water

Don’t leave the water running while you brush your teeth or do the washing up. Only spend as much time in the shower as you have too.

Only use appliances when you have to

If you use a dishwasher, you shouldn’t run it unless it’s packed to the gills. If you have a washing machine, don’t do the laundry until you have a full load. 

Help Save Energy

You can do this by turning off the lights when you leave the room or ensuring that you turn off the TV properly when you’re finished watching it. Remember that If it’s on stand by, it’s not off. Lastly, don’t leave the refrigerator door open. Get what you want as quickly as possible.

We get food from animals, plants, birds and fish; we breathe in oxygen from our atmosphere and we get water from the rain; we extract materials from the earth which we use to make products such as clothes and houses. It’s only fair that we look after our ball of blue and green in return. 

*collaborative post

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  • Great tips! With our quickly depleting natural resources, it is important to take urgent and immediate measures to save our environment for our future generations. I think we should inculcate environment-friendly habits in our kids, schools can also get involved so that the new generation of kids evolve to become environmentally conscious and responsible adults.