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print gifted from my friend Michelle at Cre8tive Hands

Chloe has the smallest room in the house. For a long time it was a bit of a junk room turned office. It was used as a kind of dressing room too so there were lots of random bits in her room. When we play it is downstairs or in her brother’s room, so we’ve not really used her room too much, as lets face it, its small and would be tricky to play much in there.

As a result, her room kind of got forgotten about. We decorated it when we moved in over 5 years ago and of course added a few girlie bits for her when she was born. I made a birth print and one of my friends made her some gorgeous bunting that we’ve put up. Her clothes are in there and obviously her bed but there wasn’t room for a whole lot more – poor girl!

She has started to get a lot more of her own things, though, so we needed to think about storage. Enter, Vertbaudet! They are one of my favourite online stores as they have such wide range. Everything  is really lovely from there and so far, I have found the quality brilliant.




I really liked these stacking storage baskets. I thought the design on them was really cute and it would fit in well with the colours we already had in the room. The stacking feature is great to hide away some of the toys, yet still looks good in the corner of the room. I was impressed that they baskets hold a lot more than they look like they would.

They were easy to put together – it literally took 5 minutes. I am impressed with the quality so far and think they are a good option for storage in a child’s room. They could go on top of a dresser or chest of drawers for thing like nappies or lotions, or use them stacked on the floor for their toys. They are light weight too so wouldn’t hurt if she pulled them down. 

They cost £19 each and I think they are worth the money. I think I will be ordering some more!




I also liked this white storage library. We have a distinct lack of shelving in our home but we have plenty of books. I’m not going to lie, I found it quite tricky to put together (it comes flat packed). I was putting it together by myself though, so I would recommend asking someone else to help you if you choose to get one.

It is larger than I thought too. We have had to move things around a little but the main thing is that it stores a lot of things. You can fit so much in there! There is space underneath and in each of the shelves. I like that it is a low height so Chloe can just grab things that she wants. We have some taller bookshelves but they aren’t ideal for kids, are they?

This library costs £49. I think it is a little pricey for what it is. But I suppose for a similar flat-packed product anywhere else, it is a competitive price. I like the design and colours on it too. You probably wouldn’t need another book shelf in your child’s room if they had this either, as like I’ve said, it fits so much in there.

What do you think to these storage units? What works best in your children’s rooms?

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*Thanks to Vertbaudet for sending over the items to us. All opinions are my own.

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