Simple Storage Solutions For a Small Bedroom

I am a big fan of having regular clear outs in our house. I don’t like having clutter around the house, as my husband will attest to! So if we haven’t used it for a while, it more than likely gets chucked. Plus, with a growing family, our house sometimes feels like it lacks a bit of storage. So I have been looking at creative ways for storage in the home, particularly in our bedroom. With Christmas around the corner, it means more and more ‘stuff’ coming in the house. So it seems like the perfect time to have a clear out and get some new ideas for storing things. Here is what I have been looking into.



When we moved into our house, the previous owners left a few things behind. Nothing major but there were a few things in the loft. One beauty that they did leave behind was an old travel chest or trunk. It even had the original labels from journeys that they made back in the day! Trunks are large and fit a lot in them. So they one we currently have has been used as a toy box in Max’s room. They make a great option, though, as you can close the lid on it all! I’d like to get one for our bedroom, for things like extra cushions, blankets, and bedding. It is bedroom furniture that you wouldn’t mind having in the room as it looks good too.

Underbed Storage

If you’re into feng shui, then you’ll probably cringe at the idea of under the bed storage. But when you are short on space around the house, it can make such a difference. It isn’t any extra space as you will have the bed there anyway. So in terms of taking up floor space it doesn’t use up more than you already would be. If you don’t have a bed with drawers underneath, you could get a long valance sheet to cover it all up. You could also think about investing in a divan bed if storage is a problem for you or you have a particularly small bedroom.


Floating Shelves

I really like the idea of floating shelves. I am a bit funny with having too much floor space taken up. So getting a new bookcase or shelving unit isn’t my favourite idea. Shelving only takes up a small space on the wall. And when they are neatly arranged with little trinkets and books, they can make a wall (and room) actually look much better.

Use Your Wardrobe Wisely

This is a big thing for me. I have a corner wardrobe, and at the moment, there is a lot of space that is being wasted. I had used some of the empty space one one side to store necklaces, after putting hanging clips inside it. There is still quite a bit of unused hanging space, though. So I think using things like tension rods will help to create space to hang clothing that otherwise, is being pretty much wasted. Just need to look into where to find them now.

Have you got any storage tips for when you’re running out of space?


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