Studying at Home with NCC Home Learning

I wrote a post about a year ago now, about how I was studying online to do a level three child care qualification. The reason being is that I launched a child care business back in October, at my children’s school, to provide an after school club.

We are going to have full wrap-around care in September too, so I wanted to make sure that I was all qualified (we have a level-three qualified manager at present). But I wanted to make sure that I was fully qualified to be able to stand in when needed and be able to boost the business. Plus, you never know, this could also mean that I am qualified to work in a nursery, child-mind, or work in another child care setting in the future too.

I found it hard to fit in the time to study, to be honest, as it does require you to study five modules. Luckily, through my research in setting up the club, and my safeguarding training, some of the content was already covered. But each module needed a day to read through, refresh my memory, and take it all in. So although I have just been very busy to fit it all in, the really great thing bout studying online with NCC Home Learning was that it does fit around your schedule.

You are given a login for the site and your course, and can dip in and out of the content. This is a great feature. So although it took me a year to complete it, you could easily do it much quicker than this if you weren’t trying to work from home and start a new business.

I honestly can’t find anything that is negative with NCC, as I had a really positive experience with it all.

One thing, though that I didn’t get to experience was having a tutor to talk you through things or to ask questions to. So I think this could be a really useful feature for clarifying things (and that would come with a normal course, rather than a gifted one). So I think that is definitely a bonus.

I found the content of the course really relevant and feel confident in my ability in my child care business. I am looking forward to what is in store. There was an exam at the end of completing the modules, of course, which was really interesting, and the good news is, I passed! I am so thrilled to be qualified in something new that can hopefully help my business to grow and grow, now that I am the holder of a level three diploma in child care.

Have you ever thought about studying online? What would you choose to study? It would be great to hear what you think.

*I was gifted the course in exchange for content. All views and opinions are my own.

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