Modern Style Mavens: How to Rock Your Closet Like Taylor Swift

Wanna rock your closet like Taylor Swift? The 27-year-old pop chanteuse has an amazing sense of style that’s not hard to emulate if you know how. In the interest of spreading Swift’s sublime style sense far and wide, we are pleased to present the following tricks and tips heretofore known only to style mavens.

First, a smidgen about Swift

When Taylor Alison Swift came into the world on December 13, 1989, she didn’t know a doggone thing about fashion. The Pennsylvania native grew up on her parents’ Christmas tree farm where she showed a precocious interest in music. At first, she aspired to be an opera singer like her grandmother. The young prodigy won numerous local awards for her vocal talents. At age eleven, Taylor Swift got her first ‘big break’ when she sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” at a Philadelphia 76ers game. From that moment on, tweens have turned to Taylor for spot-on fashion inspiration.

Vanity Fair called Taylor Swift “America’s Sweetheart,” and they were right. Her public face is ever cheerful and her sense of style and fashion are never anything less than fabulous. Even whilst wearing casual skinny jeans with ankle boots, she might surprise her fan base by showing up with fun, flirty ankle boot socks or another unexpected but oh-so-welcomed trendsetting fashion treat. That’s just how Taylor works it and you can, too.



Emulating Taylor’s sense of style doesn’t have to cost a fortune

Begin by taking note of outfits worn by Taylor. Tear pages out of your personal magazine collection and tuck them into your backpack, pocket, or purse when you go shopping. Taylor may spend up to £275 for an Elizabeth & James Vann sweater to wear once to New York’s Bowery Ballroom. You can find a similar sweater for around £30 at a discount fashion outlet, explains Steal Her Style magazine.

The same applies to things Taylor loves to wear, like $200 skinny jeans from Nobody Denim and calfskin ankle boots from Ralph Lauren that go for nearly a grand. Scout discount outlets to find perfect jeans for twenty dollars, and tuck the rest into your savings account.

Basic elements of Taylor Swift style

Swift superfan, Layers of Chic, notes that Taylor has more or less adopted a consistently feminine ‘uniform’ that comprises a high-waisted, short skirt, vintage handbag, and an adorable top. Oh, and don’t forget the high heels. They don’t have to be super tall if you want to walk with ease. Just be sure your ankle boots add at least a little lift to your legs. Chunky, military-style boots can add a welcome element of amazement to an otherwise feminine outfit. Let a lacy pair of ankle socks peek out from the top of both boots to rock a look that Taylor Swift herself might copy from you.

Don’t think you must save your favorite boots for wintertime. Ankle-high boots can work wonderfully with all sorts of stylish outfits, no matter the season. Opt for bare legs and lightweight boot socks over wooly winter tights, and you’re good to go.

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