5 Ways To Style Your Home Like The French

The French are super stylish in many ways. You only have to walk around a French city to see perfectly coiffed hair, scarves tied with precision and of course, their delicate desserts. But French style extends to more than just fashion and food. It extends to homes too. So though the Danish ‘hygge’ seems to be the buzzword of the moment, there are many home styling tips that we can learn from the French. Here is how you can give your home a touch of Parisian glamour.


Choose Ornate

When you want to add detail to any room in a French style, then you want pieces that will be fine and ornate. Think of bed linen, for example. Think about ornate bed linen that has layers of lace and match it with a fringed throw. Crisp white is a sure fire nod to the French chateau style, as well as broderie Anglais edged linen or pillowcases. You could also choose an ornate or elaborate chandelier as a homage to the French style. Just make sure that it is fully fitted and installed correctly by an experienced electrician oakleigh (or indeed one elsewhere more relevant), this will reduce any chance of it coming loose and falling or the wiring being faulty and becoming a hazard unnecessarily. 

Frame a Window

When a window doesn’t look ‘finished,’ it can just make the rest of the room look a little unfinished too. Though the French style isn’t about being too over styled, you can still channel some Parisian chic by framing a window with shutters or blinds. You could sew together your own blinds if unlike me, you are actually quite handy with a sewing machine. If DIY shutters are more of your thing, then you could look for a DIY shutter guide online to help you create a masterpiece. You could even add both if the room is a little drab and needs a bit of character added to it.

The Little Things

One thing I love about the whole Parisian style is all of the little jars and trinkets. If I didn’t have young children that are still into everything, I would have little apothecary jars and perfume bottles out on display. So if you’ve got vintage jars or pretty bottles, then have them out on the mantelpiece, on shelves or on dressers. A few flowers here and there is a good way to go too. Pretty little things make a difference to add some femininity to the French style of dressing a home.

Add a Touch of Sparkle

The whole French style isn’t about being too flashy, but quite often there is a statement piece in the home that adds some sparkle. It could be a vintage light or chandelier or an ornate looking mirror. Keep rooms light and bright and they will bring their own sparkle too, right?

Use Subtle Colour

It is rare to find super bright walls in a French styled home. It is different to the minimalism of Scandi styled home, though. Much softer and more subdued. White, sand, and linen are good base colours. Then you could layer with pale mint green or grey. Other pops of colour could be added with throws, cushions and even artwork.

Have you got any plans to redecorate your home this year?

Rebecca x

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