Styling an En Suite Bathroom to Save Space

We’re toying with the idea of moving this year, as we would love a larger home with more space. Having an office would be a dream too, rather than working from my dining room table. It would mean moving areas too, though, so it would be quite a large step. We might just stay and renovate instead. We shall see.

But if we did move, then it would be a big move, to a home that we’d expect to be in for any years to come. So we have some specific criteria that we would want for it. A few of those things including an extra reception room, another bedroom (to use as an office), and the dream would be to have an en suite, as well as a family bathroom. Yep, you can start to see why we would need to move out of Surrey for all of that!

We have looked at a few different houses, but none have been the perfect one just yet. It has got me thinking about what we would like though? Would we want to renovate again, or have a home that is just ready to move into? I’m not sure I could face having to renovate the whole house again, like we did with our current one six years ago, but I would be happy making a few adjustments.

One of the rooms that I love to get right and have just as I like it is the bathroom (or an en suite if we’re lucky enough to get one). But as bathrooms do tend to be on the small side, especially in our price range, you have to use the space wisely. So here are some dream en suite styles that I love, from BigBathroomShop, and how they make the most of the space. Have you got an en suite?

Vertical Radiators & Heated Towel Rails


For me, anything that saves space on the floor, helps to create more space. Probably why I love freestanding or floating shelving. You can display things without having to take up any floor space. So for a small bathroom or an en suite, then I think that getting vertical radiators or heated towel rails is one of the best ways to save space. Let’s face it, those spaces need to have a source of warmth. But a traditional style radiator can take up so much space long the wall as they are horizontal. So for me, these styles work really well.

Sinks With Storage


Storage is at a premium in most homes. But when you’ve got small bathroom, you probably still have a similar amount to store as people with large and spacious bathrooms. So anyway to make your furniture double up with a function and storage is fine by me. These sinks just do that. If you are exceptionally short on space then having a sink attached to the toilet is the ultimate space saver!

Mirrored Cabinets

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 18.14.11

As I have already stated, I love it when the accessories or furniture that you have can double up as something else. We all want a mirror in the bathroom, right? But we all want more storage or places to put toiletries, cleaning products, or medicines. So a mirror that double sup as a cabinet, or has extra shelving like the one pictured above, is ideal. Saves clutter around your sink but looks good too.

What are your tips for saving space in small bathroom or en suite?

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