Styling Your Home For the Festive Season

The cold, winter weather means it’s time to say hello to cosy nights (and darker days) spent snuggled up on the sofa with a warm blanket – a pleasure nobody can deny! At this time of year It’s important to make your home into somewhere you really want to be. It should be the perfect place for holding gatherings and parties but also a space that provides peace and comfort after a long day at work.

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and the kitchen certainly does set the tone for the entire house. It has the ability to not only provide a meal but a complete experience. In older homes, more importance was given to dining and living rooms but times have changed and most families congregate in a large open plan area. The kitchen has become a social family room used for preparing the meal, dining together and quite often the room is used as a living space too so that you can relax and continue conversation while digesting your Sunday lunch. This area can be great for gatherings and parties if utilized and styled well.

It’s important for this space to be your favourite place to be; as well as a stylish area to share with your guests this Christmas. Here’s how to style your home for the festive season: 

Fireplace: There are few things that can make a home feel cozy like lighting a fire in the fireplace. If your living space doesn’t have a fireplace currently, why not install one? Fortunately, even homes that don’t have an existing fireplace can add a fun fire element with an easily-installed gas fireplace or portable electric fireplace, both of which can keep your space warm and let you enjoy the aesthetic appeal of a crackling fire.

Lighting: There are so many ways to bring light into your home. Natural light through a conservatory, orangery, skylights, large windows or  fixed flat glass rooflights for the kitchen will make your home brighter and happier. If you don’t have this luxury, just remember there is no such thing as too many candles!

Texture and warmth: There are few things less pleasant than stepping out of bed onto a freezing cold floor. The good news? A few area rugs can fix that problem for you in an instant. 

Wall Art: A new season calls for new decorations on your walls. If you’re trying to make a cozy home for winter, it’s time to forgo that minimalist aesthetic. Bare walls can feel cold. Warm your room by filling the walls with large scale art, tapestries or decorative paintings in bright or deep seasonal tones.

Update your accessories: Accessorise according to the holidays and seasons. We’re talking tablecloths, tableware, candles and maybe even blinds and curtains – little pops of colour that change the whole dynamic from spring pinks to autumnal burgundy’s.

Declutter: Beware of cluttering your home, more often than not, less is more. Organise your space and make sure that everything has its place to avoid cookbooks, paperwork and keys spreading their way across your worktops when you’re expecting guests.

Welcoming decor: As you are decorating the home, don’t forget outside. Your garden, driveway and front door is the first thing your guest set their eyes upon, so make it impressionable by adding some holiday cheer to your front door. Whenever friends stop by, family arrive or carollers come, your front door can leave them feeling the holiday spirit. Add a wreath, lights, ribbon, doormat or porch decorations to make your door stand out.

If you want to make your space both stylish and seasonally-appropriate take on board these tips – you won’t want to leave your home at all this season!

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