Sugar-Free Snacking

I think for me, when I’m dieting, the hardest thing is eating healthy snacks. Obviously I am trying to reduce the amount I eat in general but sometimes you just need a little afternoon energy burst or pick me up. That is when it is super easy to just reach for a chocolate bar so I’ve been exploring different options for snacking, that are completely sugar-free (only containing natural sugars, if any)!

~ Nut Butter filled Dates

These are sooo tasty. I have been using 100% peanut butter as I can’t get enough of peanut butter but any nut butter would work. Just pit the dates and put about a teaspoonful of nut butter inside. Delish!


~ Apple Slices & Nut Butter Dip

OK, you might be sensing a trend here – I love pure nut butters. Almond, cashew, peanut, hazelnut… so darn good. A tasty way to jazz up just eating an apple is to simply dip the apple slices into nut butter. You could cut the apple horizontally too and make apple slice nut butter ‘sandwiches’.


~ Gluten-Free Oaty Bars

I have a recipe for these here and they are ridiculously delicious. I went through a phase of making these several times a week haha. They taste especially good with raisins added.


~ Smoothie or Avocado Lollies

You need to be planning in advance to have these premade but with avocado and some coconut milk, you’ve got yourself a perfectly creamy ice lolly for the warmer weather.

Ice lollies

What is your favourite thing to snack?

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