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We were invited last week to attend a Summer party by the lovely people at Sway PR to meet some other bloggers and learn about some exciting new brands. With it being the summer holidays, we were able to hop on the train and head up to London for the day. Unfortunately the weather on the day was awful and rainy, so we couldn’t make the most of our time in London, but we still had a lot of fun and met lots of great people.

I have attended a few events for bloggers in the past and whilst they are really fun, I find an aspect of it really odd – there are so many people I recognise but don’t really know, if you know what I mean? We follow eachsway others blogs, Instagram, Twitter and I know all that is going on in their world yet we’ve never met. Then when you meet them, it is just a bit different. Good different though – great to actually meet the bloggers I follow. I just feel bad wandering around and calling everyone their blog name rather than their actual name! I’ll get better, I guess I need to go to more events.

Imogen Thomas was there and we were able to meet her and see how things are going in her second pregnancy – how does someone look so good whilst pregnant?!

As for the brands that we got to meet and the new products, that included Mia Tui, Love Boo, Bohn Swimwear, MultiMac and Dinky Dragon, I was rather impressed by the MultiMac four seater car seat. I had never heard of it before and was rather impressed – a rear facing seat can attach too. For those thinking that more children meant getting a bigger car, doesn’t always follow – how cool does it look? Not sure what the husband thought of that though – that was his excuse for having no more than 3 children 😉

sway4 sway2

There were lots of fun things for the children too – Max absoloubtly loved having his face painted as spiderman (and getting to have lots of yummy treats)! Thanks to Sway PR for such a fun afternoon x

Rebecca x

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  • That sounds like an interesting event! I was invited to an online blogging workshop which was very interesting and learnt so much but then i had to sign a contract not to discuss the content which kind of sucked a little. It is strange when you meet up with other bloggers in real life or as i did in a phone meeting…. it’s not the same as via the blog or twitter etc.

    Angela x

  • Love the car seat! I only have two so will never have a need for it but it looks so neat and clean. I have not heard of this event, I need to keep my ears peeled a little more for blogging events.