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If you follow this blog, or know me in any way, you will know that I am a rather OCD and a bit of a clean freak. Plus I’m a work-at-home / stay-at-home mum so am at home a lot and therefore spend a lot of time cleaning as I can’t stand the dirt and mess.

Now before I’m being judged as some weirdo, I don’t constantly clean or anything, just do small bits here and there each day so that everything gets done. I do quite enjoy it though (ok, you can judge now)…

I’ve been trying out some cleaning products sent from McBride Direct over the past few weeks so thought I would share with you all what I think to them and if you should try them too.

First off I have been using the new washing up liquid from Persil in the limited edition Summer Blossom scent. I didn’t even know Persil did washing up liquid (I’m behind the times and thought they only did laundry products) so was looking forward to giving it a whirl. I do think scents are so important when cleaning as even though the house will smell clean once you’ve used bleach etc, it is nicer to have a great smelling scent for your home after it has been cleaned, rather than having it smell like a swimming pool!


I have found this works really well and leaves a non-greasy finish. It is a bit of a bargain too as in most stores you will be able to find it for under £1.50.

Secondly, I have been using an active limescale gel cleaner from LimeLite. I do love a good limescale cleaner for the sinks, taps and the shower, it makes the world of difference. All limescale cleaners are not created equal though, you do need to use a good one to fully get rid of it all and leave a sparkly finish. I think this brand is brilliant! You can really tell the difference after you have used it.


DSC_0440 DSC_0447


I have cleaned with some limescale removers before and found them really overpowering, even in a bathroom with the windows wide open, but this one wasn’t overpowering to me. It does exactly what it says it will and doesn’t even take long, only needing to leave it for 2 minutes, compared to other brands 5 minutes. So yeah, I couldn’t recommend this one enough.

I had to laugh though when I realised I was taking a picture of my dirty shower screen before and after cleaning it… #bloggerproblems

Family Fever

Rebecca x

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*I was provided with these products free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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