Summer Holiday

We took a fairly last minute trip to Spain the other week so thought I would just share a little photo diary to let you know what we got up to. We went to the Alicante area and enjoyed amazing weather the whole time. It was heat wave-ing in the UK whilst we were there but it’s always nicer when you’re in a villa with air-con, you don’t have to be at work and there is a pool to jump into whenever you want… (That’s my justification anyway)!

spain13 spain13.5 spain13.4 spain13.3 spain13.2 spain13.1

spain13.6 spain13.7 spain13.8 spain13.9 spain13.10 spain13.11 spain13.12 spain13.13 spain13.14 spain13.15 spain13.16 spain13.17



{PS I’ve gone and got myself a YouTube channel – I’d love it if you subscribed… Thanks lovelies x}

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