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The Danish word ‘hygge’ has been a bit of a buzzword of late, in particular last year. Pronounced’ hoo-ga, it has connotations of all things comfortable and cosy, so naturally, is normally associated with winter. Becuase when you think about getting cosy, it is all about getting snug in a blanket, with the fire on, reading a book with a hot chocolate in hand, right?

So why can’t we be cosy all year round? Hygge can also be a lifestyle movement. About taking time to enjoy the small and simple things. So when you think about it that way, teamed with the Oxford English Dictionary’s definition of it being about wellbeing, there is no reason why you can’t hygge all year round.

Instead of getting layers upon layers of blankets on you, because in the UK’s humidity in summer, who wants that? There are plenty of other things that you can do to get your hygge on. Here are a few of the things that I have been doing lately:

Cosy Home Accessories

Though you don’t physically need to be as ‘cosy’ in winter, you can still get pretty cosy by the accessories that you have in the home. I recently got this stunning platted rug from Frith Rugs and it has give the feel of the room an instant uplift and instant cosiness. The hand-knotted chunky knit of the rug just screams hygge to me, and all things snug and cosy. Not to mention it is pretty soft to touch, so makes playing with the kids on the floor even more comfortable.

On the Frith Rugs site, you’ll see a large collection of traditional Indian and Persian silk rugs which I think look really special in a more contemporary room with real wood flooring, rather than the tiled flooring, as well as the platted rug that I have. The quality of the rug I have is outstanding, really thick and sturdy, and the attention to detail on it, to say that it is hand-kitted is just amazing. I would definitely recommend it if you feel the need for some hygge in your life this summer.

^Platted Rug – £299

Diffuse Fruit Scented Essential Oils

I love diffusing essential oils at the best of times, but when you can’t really use the cinnamon spiced oils any longer, summer calls for some fruity scents. I like to diffuse lemon oil, as well as other citrus scents like lime, wild orange, and grapefruit. When you’ve got a home that smells all fresh and summery, it definitely helps you on your way to a happier and healthier you.

Fresh Flowers

There was a time in my life where I worked at Waitrose, and we got to buy any of the flowers that were going out of date for pretty cheap, if there were any left at the end of the night. As with most things, they still had a few more days life in them, and they were such a bargain. I rarely buy myself flowers anymore, but they really do make a difference. So go on, treat yourself this week to some fresh flowers. They can make any home look cosier too.

Go For a Picnic

Getting friends or family together to go for a picnic when the sun is shining can be pure bliss. So why not arrange one this summer? When you all get together, good food, good location, good company, and good fun, it can do a lot for your health and happiness.

What do you do in summer to help you feel a little happier, or a little more ‘hygge’? It would be great to hear what you think.

*the rug was gifted in excahnge for this post. All opinions are my own.

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