Summer Interiors: Top Five Tips For Bringing The Outdoors In

“Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…”

We are finally in summer – hurray! Although the weather recently in the part of the UK I’m from has left a lot to be desired. If you’re having a “staycation” this year (staying at home rather than holidaying abroad) then you might be relying on your trusty garden to provide you with some outdoor space. However, you can’t always guarantee the weather and so your deckchairs might be stuck in the shed for longer than you’d like. The answer? Bring some of the outdoors in and switch up your home décor for summer! It will make the whole family feel brighter and once the sun does shine your home will be in perfect harmony with your outdoor space.

The Mood Board

Natural textiles, earthy textures, a splash of summer colours, all brought together with plenty of fresh foliage.

Here are my top ten tips for bringing some of nature in…

1. Change your textiles

Big thick furry blankets might be cosy for your Netflix marathon but they don’t exactly say “summer”! You can be comfy and still stylish with a lighter throw for your sofa. I like either natural fabrics like cotton weave blankets in basic colours like oatmeal beige. You could also choose a thinner blanket that has a summery print such as florals, tropical leaves, or even gingham for that picnic feel!

2. Fill your home with plants!

You won’t believe the difference some plants can make in your home. It can lift any décor and give a sense of serenity to any space. There are so many options these days…

You can choose a traditional house plant in a lovely pot, but be sure you water them regularly and be aware of any extra requirements they may have.

There are also plants that require very little care such as succulents (very trendy right now!) or orchids which are great easy options.

Finally, there are faux plants! Don’t be immediately put off as they look much more realistic these days if you shop around. All they need is a little ruffle now and then, or a dust with a cloth but otherwise they will look good forever!

3. Use garden décor inside your home

Garden furniture and accessories are not limited to use purely outside and can give a wonderful element of summer style. I came across a fabulous selection of outdoor furniture and décor at LionsHome. Outdoor plant pots would look stunning in the home, especially in tiled floor or wooden flooring areas. I’m also loving stone and ceramic statues for use in the home, I think it looks so chic and I’ve seen quite a few home accounts on Instagram use the same trick! Go over to LionsHome’s selection of garden items here.

4. Keep things light in the kitchen

Even if the weather won’t let you have a family barbecue, you can still cook up summery cuisine inside and why not make your table setting match? Lovely mediterrean-inspired fabrics and rattan accessories will give that picnic/barbecue feel whilst keeping dry inside! If you haven’t already I would invest in the following items: a napkin holder with brightly coloured napkins (beats a bit of kitchen roll!), a beautifully designed salad bowl with matching tongs, summery glassware (think coloured glass), and a pretty tablecloth.

5. Bring in natural textures

Whether it’s something small and simple like a wooden bowl or woven plant basket, to something more extreme like fabulous faux large trailing plants and artificial green walls (search these online they are amazing!), you should bring texture in wherever you can. Not only will it look trendy but it shows a real knowledge of interior design to mix and match textures in this way.

I hope you like my top tips, which would you add?

Happy Summer!

Ellie x.

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