Summer Jewellery Wishlist

When my children were small, I would often avoid wearing much jewellery, just because I knew they would want to grab it or chew it. I have lost a few necklaces to teething gums! I regularly wore jewellery before, particularly necklaces so it was something that I have missed. They just set off each outfit, don’t you think?

Now that they are older, I find myself wearing more and more jewellery as I know they won’t want to just grab them – as much anyway! Here are some pieces that I would love to get for this season:


1.Michael Kors Ladies Hoop Necklace – £89

2.Vivienne Westwood Demi Earrings – £70

3.Turquoise Double Layer Necklace – £12

4.Coast Emily Stone Bracelet – £25

5.Simple Turquoise Ring – £9

Are there any of these pieces that you quite like? I like quite subtle jewellery as you can see. Plus in summer, I don’t like anything too heavy, if that makes sense. I love the turquoise vibe at the moment too – obviously haha. Perfect for summer and some sunnier weather I think. I am just dreaming of these pieces, with sunglasses, a maxi dress and sitting by the beach on holiday… I’d love to hear what you think to the pieces.

House of Fraser have put together an infographic about the value of jewellery in each countries. I think it is was interesting to learn what people from other cultures would like or get offended by.


Did you know any of these facts about jewellery? I knew the wedding ring finger was because the vein is meant to link direct to the heart, but had no idea it came from Ancient Egypt.


*PR collaboration

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