Summer Mango Salad

I have been eating a lot of salads lately. They are so tasty and good for you that they have featured heavily this summer (plus, who wants to eat warm food when its hot)? I was looking for some new salad combo’s so came up with this yummy mango salad.

mango1 (1)



The great thing about salads is that you can pretty much use whatever ingredients you want as long as there are a few main bits in there. I used:

– Rocket

– Avocado

– Cucumber

– Cherry Tomato

– Radish

– Mango

– Pre-cooked Chicken

– Lime

Super quick and easy as I just chopped them all up but in a big bowl, mixed together and there you go! Yummy salad. I used to work with a nutritionist at work at she would say that the best meals are the ones that are the most colourful – this one sure passes that test. I have added feta to this salad before and that tastes really good with it but I have a lactose intolerant hubby (read: fussy) so I rarely have cheese in the house, in the case of the salad I made for this post.

I have been steering clear of dressings recently so I just squeezed a little lime juice over mine. Still tastes delicious but I would also recommend either balsamic vinegar or red wine vinegar, mixed with a little olive oil, and drizzled over.


Rebecca x

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