Summer Materials you need in your Wardrobe

We can’t wait for a summer of fashion and we’re already looking at the prints that we want to be wearing. Below you’ll find our favourite materials that will take you through the summer months looking like you’ve just stepped off the catwalk.


Denim might not seem like a summer fabric but we’ve seen a lot of designers using it in a totally new way. Whether it’s whitewashed or full colour, there are a range of options out there. We’re loving denim dresses and skirts for this season, as they are totally unexpected. We love fashion fabrics that really surprise us, as we enjoy wearing something new.

Alexander McQueen in particular has created a denim dress that is layered and textured like nothing we’ve ever seen before. This is a sensational piece and we really hope that more designers see that this material is more versatile.


Although this may not be a traditional material, plastics are very much on trend for this summer. Whether you go for a plastic coat or a bag, these are a great way to spruce up an outfit. These aren’t quite fabrics but we love the way that designers are playing with the concept.

Neon lining on these make them feel really summery, especially if you’re hitting up the likes of Coachella. This is the kind of festival fashion that we can really get behind!

We love the use of untraditional materials in this way, as it shows a playfulness and willingness for designers to experiment.

Sheer Materials

If you’re feeling daring then these materials will really allow you to show off. Brushed cotton and semi opaque fabrics are tearing up the runway this season, as they really feel like they’re pushing the boundaries. These materials are being used in dresses, coats and more to give that daring style.

These floating fabrics look great cinched in with accessories like thick belts, as they help to give the garment a bit more structure. We love tight Bodycon dress options with sheer materials, you can browse these dresses over at IKRUSH who have 460 different bodycon dresses in their collection.

Faux Fur

Clothing and accessories using faux fur are on the rise once more, with some of them looking pretty real. Fur bobble hats were really popular last summer and we anticipate that they will make a resurgence over this summer too. While fur may seem like more of a winter fabric, trim and accessories with faux fur can be worn all year round.

We love mixing things up with some faux fur boots or rocking one of these fluffy hats. Even fluffy stilettos have been popular recently, so the possibilities really are endless!


This material has a range of different uses, though it’s most commonly used in scuba diving suits. It has a lot of structure, which makes it ideal for using in dresses and clothing items that build up. They can hold their shape and be built upon, unlike some other fabrics that aren’t quite as strong.

The increasing popularity of this material also means that there are more colours available to work with too. Coloured piping is also really popular when using this material, as it emphasises the different sections of the structure.


We’ve not gone crazy, you can actually create amazing fabrics using the fibres of bamboo. These are great for those that are fashion conscious and also want to be eco-friendly too. The material itself is also antibacterial, cooling and is ideal for the likes of yoga. There are a few designers experimenting with this material and there are many online shops such as Bamboo Clothing, so we’re interested to see if this continues over time.


Another natural fibre, hemp fabrics are also coming back into style. Again this ties into that eco-friendly model and it’s generally made in an ethical fashion too. As time has gone on, more colours and textures have been made available with this fabric, so the more designers that notice it, the better!

For the summer, natural fibres are great at covering you up while still keeping you cool. These can be much more cooling than other synthetic materials.


Painted silks are so elegant and they’ve been returning to the runway too. Pastel tones with brighter details give us the dresses that we love so much. Pink and rose tones are among the most popular for silks, with graffiti and Japanese styles influencing the structure. Some of our favourite silk dresses have long flowing lines, with a cinched in waist to show off the figure of the wearer. Again, this fabric is great for keeping cool in those summer months.

Summer fashions are all about sleek sophistication and these materials will help you to achieve that. Keeping cool and staying fashionable will help you to have the best summer ever, so get shopping and get these pieces in your wardrobe in advance!

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