Summer of 2022: Garden Ideas The Whole Family Will Love

Even though it’s only April, now is the ideal time to begin planning for your garden’s renovations for the upcoming season. But, even though it may still be chilly outside, on the days when it isn’t raining, you can still go out and start working on constructing a wonderful little sanctuary for you and your family to enjoy throughout the summer months. Are you stuck for ideas? No need to be concerned; we’ve compiled a list of fantastic garden ideas for you to peruse and perhaps implement in your garden for the summer of 2022.

Children’s area

You should consider first and foremost what will work best for you and your family in order to make the most of the land that you have available to you. In the case of small children, it may be a good idea to consider creating a safe play space where they will not be at risk of falling and injuring themselves on any solid or sharp items. If you want to keep a certain portion of your yard grassed or even soft bark like you see in public playgrounds, it would be a fantastic idea. The decision to purchase playground equipment for them is entirely up to you, but placing it in their safe area will allow you to rest easy knowing that the children will not be injured while playing.


Another option is to designate a relaxing place in your yard where you can sit on a deckchair and enjoy the scenery. It’s possible that having grassy sections all over your garden could result in muddy patches when the weather isn’t cooperating, so establishing a decking area in your garden will enable you to rest knowing that your grass isn’t being churned up and mud isn’t being spread around. Make sure you invest in high-quality timber decking, not just for its visual appeal, but also for its long-term durability.

Add a flower bed

It’s usually a good idea to designate a space in your garden that is just for display purposes. In many cases, this can be accomplished by creating a beautiful flower bed or by installing a water fountain. Spend some time planning out a spot in your garden that will immediately capture your attention when you enter. Because evergreen plants and shrubs don’t need to be replaced each year, they’re the perfect option for a low-maintenance landscape. We’ll talk more about this later.  Clean your fountains on a regular basis to prevent green mold and other filth from building up and ruining the appearance of your water feature.

Pull out any weeds

One thing is certain: weeds will have found their way into your garden throughout the winter months since it is the best time of year for them to germinate and establish themselves. Although the moist circumstances encourage their growth, the fact that you are less likely to spend time in your garden and dig up the weeds means that you will notice an increase in the number of weeds in your garden. Getting rid of weeds is an important first step in organizing your garden, so be sure you get a weed killer that won’t harm your lawn or other plants in your garden.

Build a shed

No matter if you are a devoted gardener or simply want a well-kept garden in which to relax and enjoy the warmer weather, you will require a wide range of equipment to follow your lead. Some people like to keep their equipment in their utility rooms, but if you want to be more organized, why not make a garden shed? There are many benefits to having a shed in your garden, no matter how simple. This will not only make your home less messy, but having a shed can make any garden look better. It’s also a great place to keep dangerous chemicals like weed killer out of reach of curious kids or pets. Visit your neighborhood hardware shop to discover what supplies they have available for building your own shed.

Renew your outdoor furnishings

With spring just around the corner, it’s logical that you’d want your garden furniture to appear its best, especially if the weather has taken a toll on it throughout the winter. Apply a coat of durable paint to any wooden furniture, and wash down any plastic or metal furniture to give it a new lease of life. It may be time to invest in a tarpaulin to keep your furnishings safe.

Plant evergreen trees and shrubs.

As long as it is below freezing, most plants won’t make winter, but evergreens can keep your landscape looking lovely all year long. Another perk of evergreens is that they don’t need a lot of upkeep because they rely on the sun and rain to thrive. Planting evergreens now will also save you time and effort come summertime when you decide to add some more traditional plants to your garden.

Put out some food for the wildlife.

This time of year, wildlife will be returning to your garden in search of food, so why not provide it for them by scattering seeds, nuts, and other treats? Bird feeders may be purchased to keep your landscape nice and tidy as well! Adding a bird bath to your yard is a great way to attract even more animals.

As an alternative, you might also provide food and shelter for wildlife. It’s still chilly outside, and many small creatures may be searching for a place to stay. A simple wooden box placed outside will help local wildlife to locate a safe haven in which to shield themselves from the winter temperatures!

Vegetable patch

Finally, if you’re still looking for inspiration, you might want to think about including a vegetable or fruit patch in your garden. It’s an excellent method to educate your children self-sufficiency while also saving money on fruit and veggies throughout the year! Make use of these garden ideas this year, and you’ll end up with a great refuge for you and your family to relax in!

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