A Few Summer Outfit Ideas

Here in the UK, the summer seems to have finally arrived. The weather is still mixed, but we are now getting quite a few sunny days. So, we thought a summer fashion post would prove helpful to those of you who are still shopping for your summer clothes. We have taken a look around, checked out what is available, and come up with a few summer outfit ideas.

Skirts are very much on trend

As you can see here, skirts are set to be popular for 2018. After a few years of having relatively little choice, they are everywhere. You will find them available in an amazing array of cuts.

For holidays or meals out, maxi skirts are a great choice. If you do not fancy wearing jeans, opt for a denim or chino skirt, instead. They are available in many different lengths and look good whether you wear them with a t-shirt or a blouse and a jacket.

Pencil skirts are good for the office, as are pleat or midi skirts. It really does not matter what occasion you are trying to dress for you are going to be able to find a skirt that works.

Stylish dresses

If on the other hand, you prefer dresses, do not worry. There are also plenty of them available.

The maxi cut still seems to rule, but you will also notice that a lot of designers have branched out a bit. Many designers have looked to the late 80s and early 90s for inspiration. So, if you fancy wearing a high neck dress, with frills down the front and puffed sleeves, you can. Vintage dresses are very much back in vogue.

For your holidays, a nice flowing dress may be exactly what you need. They are typically made from very lightweight fabrics. So, have the potential to be worn as a beach dress, as well as for the evenings. When packing for your holidays it always makes sense to opt for garments that can be worn for different activities.

Summer wedding outfit options

For those of you who have been invited to a summer wedding a skirt suit could be the perfect answer. Something classic like a linen pencil skirt suit will look fantastic. It will look stylish and keep you cool. Because linen is a natural fabric your skin can breathe and you will definitely feel less hot and flustered. Provided you choose the right cut you should be able to pair the skirt with a nice blouse to wear to the office. The linen jacket can potentially be worn with jeans or with a nice dress. If you do buy linen, just be sure to follow the care instructions (see here). Doing so will enable you to get far more use out of your linen garments.

If you would like some more wedding guest attire ideas, click here. When you do you will be taken through to one of our earlier articles. It is all about choosing an all-season wedding outfit. There we explain what colour analysis is and how you can use it to pick the correct attire for any season.

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