Planning a Summer Road Trip For The Family

If you haven’t booked your summer holiday yet, it’s time to start thinking about it! There’s a lot to think about which can be a little daunting, so first try to decide what kind of trip would suit you.

Do you go all inclusive or hire a self catering villa? Book flights or pack up the car? Exotic adventure or countryside staycation? City break or camping? It’s all very exciting, but when you’re travelling as a family, there’s even more to consider.

The top priority for parents is knowing that their children will be safe and comfortable among the fun. Parents also like to maintain an element of routine; no one can enjoy a holiday if they’re feeling run down and over tired. Ensuring your kids get enough shut eye will make for a happy, relaxing holiday. One idea is to drive to your destination of choice through the night and let the kids sleep in the car. To do this, you’ll need a good family car like a BMW X5. Plenty of space for little ones and luggage!

Whether you decide to drive to Cornwall, France, Italy or Switzerland, there’s a reassurance that comes with knowing you’re not limited when it comes to the essentials. You won’t need to worry about your double buggy not coming through at baggage claim, or whether or not you’ll need the car seat, or if you can fit the bottle steriliser into a confined suitcase. Taking your own car on holiday with you is almost like maintaining a little piece of home – that piece that keeps you organised.

You might be asking yourself how much you could actually cram in. Well, actually it wouldn’t be a squeeze at all. The BMW 4×4 provides a completely flat loading area; this makes it a lot easier to play Tetris with the bags. In addition, a low boot sill is a plus, so that buggies and balance bike do not have to be lifted very far.

Sometimes we overlook the greatness that’s available in our own country. A staycation allows for you and your family to have an enjoyable adventure that takes very little planning, packing, or even thought! In our busy lives, it’s often hard to be spontaneous, but a staycation allows you to do just that. If you opt for a staycation, your family car will provide great space. You’ll also end up saving money – whether it’s bikes, skis or surfboards, by taking lots with you, you won’t need to hire equipment when you arrive at your destination.

During your holiday, your car won’t just be an automobile. With children, it is always a dining area as well. That requires folding tables on the seat backs. Ideally, these tables have cup holders and a slightly raised edge so that crumbs of food do not go flying off at every curve. Storage nets within easy reach are also especially useful for kids – whether for moist tissue holders or a lunchbox. And naturally, all the surfaces need to be easy to wipe clean. That is how meals on wheels should work. These surfaces also work well for tablets, games, books or anything else that might entertain your little ones.

Whether for a day trip with family friends to the beach or an extended holiday with the Grandparents, families are naturally well served by a large family car. Sit back, relax and enjoy the journey – your holiday starts here!

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