Summer USA Adventures!

Hubby and I have been in the USA since 10th June. We are staying in Farmington, UT until 2nd September. Mike has been offered an internship here for the summer with a Law firm, so is the reason for the long stay. We are staying in the basement of a family I have known for years- the McKeens-they are American but used to live over in the UK.

When we arrived it was pretty rainy and everyone was accusing us of bringing the rain with us! Now though, it has been constantly sunny and reaching temperatures up to 100 degrees f. However, when we took a weekend trip to Vegas, it got up to 111 and 112!! We were melting!

Whilst we were in Las Vegas we stayed at the MGM grand hotel (there was an offer on!). With the offer you got free Michael Buble tickets to an exclusive concert that he was performing just for the MGM guests. Here is a link to part of the concert. It was on July 4th and as Michael is Canadian it was rather amusing:

We have had an array of cars to use while we have been out here (it’s been fun to learn how to drive on the other side. It’s been so long since I’ve driven in England, it will be interesting when we get back!). The cars have belonged to the people Mike is working for so that has been great.
Our first was a little Chevy Aveo. The we had a Nissan Titan- not so good with the Petrol Mileage! Our last car is a Nissan 350z sports car. We should have this one for the remainder of the time we are here. It’s been my favourite one (and Mike’s!!).
We are getting used to living out here and having a lot of fun, but are both missing some English things!

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